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27 years old, Master, Pansexual
United States United States
Joined Jul 9 '20

🏷 cash master humiliation chastity feet nappy money diaper furry brat son facesitting feetjob diapermaster

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Type of meets
Real-Time, On-Line
Here for
Cash Slavery, Cam Use, Physical Use, Humiliation, Ownership, Chat, Whatever
Cash Slavery, Humiliation, Feet, Piss, Leather, Bondage, Uniforms, Fisting, CBT, Dungeon Play, Edging, Mummification, Rubber
About Me
What happens when a man finds out that his favorite kink costs a fuckton of money and a load of his time at work to enjoy? He just asks his Dad, his sub of a shit neighbor, the pathetic dick dangler that wants to show off at work and in the gym for more money. And if they fail? Well, they learn real quick that a soaked diaper is soo much more of a blow to the pride then anything else they'd ever dealt with.

But you wouldn't know that, not you, the one reading this little paragraph I drummed up. No, you want this, to be face first with my diapers as I taunt and berate you until I can't make you any smaller. You're gonna love every second of letting me use your face as my own personal stool, and how I can just lounge back so easily on it until I get bored and decide to just whip off my own used diaper onto you, smashing it against your being as I jerk off and cum on your filthy, grubby little being but that's okay.

You can always just buy me more diapers, and change me into a new one like a good little man~
What I want
Cash, diapers, your face.
What experience do you have?
A few years of it.

5' 10" / 178cm
200lb / 90.9kg
Foot size
13 UK / 48 EU /  14 US
Eye colour

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