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58 years old, Master, Gay
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Cash Slavery, Physical Use, Humiliation, Ownership, Chat, Friendship
Cash Slavery, Humiliation, Piss, Bondage, Sounding, CBT, Edging, Electro
About Me
I cherish my subs and am grateful for their gifts of submission. I am stern when needed but generally gentle and loving. Lie to me, however, and it better have a high pain threshold. I try to approach things with humor. I find nothing more beautiful than a chained, naked boi arching and flexing under intense electro.
What I want
I want to Own but chemistry is elusive. Total obedience is mandatory. It should be fit, 21-45, intelligent, and entertaining. A PA piercing is a plus to improve inescapability, as chastity is a given. I prefer smooth porcelain skin but an authentic submissive attitude is more important than physical characteristics. It must be clearly masculine - I am not pleased by ultra feminine bois or sissies.
What experience do you have?
Mostly D/s over 20 years. Focus is on electro and bondage. I also enjoy moving a boi into subspace, generally via impact and sensory deprivation or overload. Floggers are my preferred tool. I have attended some BDSM training classes over the years.

6' 2" / 188cm
195lb / 88.6kg
Foot size
11 UK / 46 EU /  12 US
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