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29 years old, Master, Pansexual
United States United States
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🏷 master findom feet cashmaster dominant superior alpha dom bully footmaster greedy slaveowner

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Type of meets
Here for
Cash Slavery, Cam Use, Humiliation, Ownership, Whatever
Cash Slavery, Humiliation, Feet, Muscles, Leather, PVC, Boots, Bondage, Uniforms, Fisting, Sounding, CBT, Dungeon Play, Edging, Mummification, Rubber
About Me
I'm your worst nightmare. I'm a sick fuck. I'm a strict Master. I'm a wicked Dom. I'm a giant dick. I have a giant dick. Serve me well and enjoy the privilege of worshiping it. I have giant, hairy, meaty, feet. That's where you slaves belong, at my feet feeding me all your hard-earned cash.

I'm superior. You idolize me. I don't need to work when there are faggots like you in the world. So get to work and fucking worship and tribute Master Dom. I am everything and you are nothing. Realize your place as my slave and I'll make you something- MINE.

Tribute your fucking king. Worship your fucking Dom. Do as you're fucking told. Go fucking pay me.
Fuck you, faggot.
What I want
Your obedience. Your servitude. Your cash.

I want you worshiping my huge, dominant feet on the floor where you belong. I want you begging to tribute me.

I also want to learn and manipulate your deepest, darkest fetishes. I want to humiliate and degrade you. I want you to be the fucking faggot you know you are deep down inside. I want to shove my fucking feet in your face and order you to worship them while you tribute and thank me for the privilege. I want you thinking about me day and night. I want to discipline you and laugh at you and how pathetic and inferior you are. I want to humiliate you, I can't stress that enough. Fuck you, cunt.

Lastly, I want you to fucking pay me. Go do it now.
What experience do you have?
I was always a bully. I've always loved inflicting pain and humiliation on inferiors. I'm hugely into BDSM. I've worked in numerous leather bars and I'm a past leather titleholder. I've also had a vast amount of hands-on experience in the leather community. I've explored all the fetishes I want to and I'm stoked to get you piggy.

5' 10" / 178cm
180lb / 81.8kg
Foot size
11 UK / 46 EU /  12 US
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