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Type of meets
Real-Time, On-Line
Here for
Cash Slavery, Cam Use, Ownership, Teamviewer, Chat, Friendship
Cash Slavery, Feet, Piss, Leather, PVC, Bondage, Bikers, Fisting, Edging, Rubber
About Me
Hello fellow Master, on your knees fag - you do not deserve to use a chair,

A young Master with 10 years of experience who seeks new slaves to use and abuse.

I am here for:
- FinDom
- Humiliation online or real
- Sessions

First of all I am into mind fucks and mind control. I will invade your brain and make you do things you never did before. You won't know why you do it, but you will do it any way.

To me a sub or a slave remains a human being that I treat with respect. Property comes with privileges as well as duties. I have met a few slaves whose life were destroyed by a master.

I do not consider a Master Slave relationship as a oneway road. A slave gives me his servitude and obeys my orders. Therefore he receives my attention, my advice and my care.

Nothing satisfies me more than having my way with a slave. I find joy in the humiliation of any pathetic being and showing off by exposing a fag in broad public.

In a session the suffering and the whimpering of a slave makes me rock hard. When playing with me be aware that a "no" or a "stop" will only make me go further.

I am not into feed, waving middle fingers in front of a camera or rather questionable ways of presenting myself. Every Master has his style and I respect that.

I have a brain, I have an education and I like to show both, so I expect a slave to have manners. You, fag, want my attention; so earn it.

You are a slave with an attitude and a strong personality? Let's get in touch, cause fags like you catch my interest very easily.
What I want
In Short:
- FinDom
- Humiliation
- Sessions
- Subs and Slaves that want to give themselves up to me

Your money belongs to me and it's only a matter of time.

From simple donations to intense control over all finances. For me the amount is not that important, for I want a Cashslave to feel the drain and the lack of power that comes with it.

I do not need a television to amuse myself when I can watch a slave piss himself.

When I humiliate you, either real or online, I want your embarrassment to be my joy. Walking around the neighborhood with fetish gear or wearing a wet diaper all day long.

A lot is possible during a session, tell me your limits and I might expand them.

I know that a session, especially when bondage is involved demands a lot of trust. So I always take the time to get to know the sub, his limits and his wishes. Just ask, a lot is possible.
What experience do you have?
In Short:
- FinDom
- Humiliation
- Total Power Exchange
- Bondage
- Breath-control
- Piss
- Mouth r**e
- Kidnapping
- Exposure

Unlike other Master's around my age i was lucky enough to have been trained by other Masters for the past 10 years. They mentored me on how to tame and condition a sub to become a proper slave.

I currently own two well trained slaves. I have been training and conditioning them for 5 and 7 years now. They developed a great resistance against pain and accept most of my humiliating tasks.
In order to please me both became full time fetishist wearing their leather and rubber as often as possible. Being plugged and in chastity has become such a normal thing that they feel uncomfortable when no having their buts filled by a plug or their cocks locked away.
They are also the reason I got into FinDom. One is working the streets for me and the other one is paying quite a lot of my bills.

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