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32 years old, Slave, Gay
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Physical Use, Humiliation, Chat, Friendship, Whatever
Humiliation, Piss, Scat, Muscles, Leather, Skinhead, Suits, Uniforms, CBT, Mummification
About Me
I'm a shit eating faggot
What I want
I want to eat your shit. If serious and local I can travel. I would love to come over you look at me with disgust spit n snot over my face and watch me eat it then pull me in and use me to rest your feet on while you drink beers I bring over. Then use me to drink all your beer piss. After that you sit on my face while shitting down my throat encouraging me that you're happy to feed me while mocking me.

I really am looking for a Master or group of masters to feed me all their filth and gather more friends to humiliate and use me for what I was born to be a human toilet. The only thing you will hear from me it the sounds of me eating and drinking your waste while not wasting any. I love to get d***k of sirs beer piss too
What experience do you have?
I use to eat from a friend of mine all the time he would feed me his firm logs as well as his runny shit all the time to the point im gag free so I can handle if your shit is ripe I love it. I also can eat fast or as slow as you like 😉
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