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28 years old, Master, Bisexual
Canada Canada
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🏷 master jock hairy hung tall white huge feet blonde xxl blue eyes

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Real-Time, On-Line
Here for
Cash Slavery, Cam Use, Physical Use, Humiliation, Teamviewer, Chat, Friendship
Cash Slavery, Humiliation, Feet, Piss, Leather, PVC, Boots, Bondage, Suits, Uniforms, Bikers, Smoking, Fisting, Sounding, CBT, Dungeon Play, Edging, Electro, Mummification, Rubber
About Me
Hello Faggot.

My name is Liam Cross, but you shall refer to me as 'Sir'. That is, of course, until you have proved your worth AND bought into my stable. At which point you will have earned the privilege of calling me Master. I deliberately use the word privilege as it is very much that. A privilege that can be revoked as fast as it is given should you not only live up to my expectations.

Hung and ready to dom.

I like a $lave who craves...

You know who you are you pathetic little fuck. You've had a taste of the cash slave life and you're officially hooked. Like a heroin addict who's just discovered what it feels like to inject, you are in now and there is no going back. You might as well stop wasting my time, send me a tip and follow it up with a message to let me know a little bit about my newest piece of property.

Your Favourite Nightmare

P.S. The last sentence above clarifies the protocol I strongly suggest you follow if you are looking to maximize your chance of receiving a reply from me. In other, if you hope to reach an open dialogue with me in the future, monetary incentives are non-negotiable and should be upfront.
What I want
I want to guide you along the path to realization.

Realization of your true place in this world. The realization that you are nothing but a pathetic little cash cow for me and my cohorts. The realization that nothing can replace the feeling you will get from filling my bank account and draining yours, the satisfaction you feel as you send me the last dollars in your account solidifying your true place in this world; on your knees licking the bottom of my feet clean.

Of course, some of you may believe that you have already had the epiphany I reference in these writings. You may even dare to say that you have had most or some of the aforementioned realizations. My job is to shatter that belief. My job is to ensure that you grasp the gravity of your situation. That it is held in your brain with nothing short of cement strength.

I intend on showing you the true Cash Faggot you have become.

I intend on showing you what 'paying your dues' really means and moreover the ultimate feeling of satisfaction that I can guarantee you will feel as you fulfill your requirement$ to me as the ultimate display of submission and in true worship of my dominance.
What experience do you have?
Worry less about the experience I have and more about brainstorming the ways in which you intend on proving your dedication to me.

6' 3.5" / 192cm
170lb / 77.3kg
Foot size
12 UK / 47  EU /  13 US
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