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Cash Slavery, Piss, Scat
About Me
35-year-old Single Irish Findom from Belfast, Ireland. Apart from FinDom life, I do Martial Arts And a gym fanatic. I like to unwind watching sports, reading or Netflix.

Your cash helps my body transformation. I'm addicted to tattoos, piercings, and building muscle. So your tributes go towards:

* New tattoos
* New piercings
* Bodybuilding supplements
* Gym gear
* Going to sunbeds
* Getting massages and pampering sessions
What I want
Hello there my little paypiggies.

I am a male Findom looking new applicants to be my new paypigs as my taste for luxury as increased.

I am a Findom with a twist. I can be nice and friendly where your hard earn wealth makes me your good online friends and Be there when you need somebody to talk too.

Or your dirty attribution can turn me into a spoilt brat, your giving amount never pleases me, belittling you and verbally abuse you until you hand every note over.

So I'm bit like Dr Jekell and Mr Hyde I can be really nice or damn right nasty. You pick what type of Findom personality after you make a attribution and I follow through with it.

I’m a tough but fair Findom and I’m flexible so there is no reason that I can’t work with you while the pocketing the shit out of your wallet.

I also don't want this be a one off, I prefer having paypigs who can regularly reward either daily, weekly or monthly.

I do have KIK, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp, Skype, Email and telephone number for communication, but you only get them if you start tributing to me so I know your serious enough and also so I can give more of my time to my actually generous piglets who already have paid their way.

I also give out my mobile number for direct contact, but that's only given to high and regular pay piggies who earn it.

I also do Skype video, but again this is only for high pay out piggies who get to add me. I dont give out my username/handle to just anyone. Again it must be EARNED.

I also do meets and plays, where I take my anger and frustration out on some poor soul, were I will humiliate, degrade, torture and hurt the pathetic piece of shit.

I can be exclusive if the right piglet satisfies my insatiable luxurious appetite but I doubt any of you could even try. I am demanding because I deserve it, I will reward you when you earn it.

I’m here to be spoiled and make your lives deliciously tormented financially.
What experience do you have?
6 years experience in Findom, over 14 years experience in humiliating and degrading human souls.

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