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37 years old, sub, Asexual
United Kingdom United Kingdom, Kent
Joined May 12 '21

🏷 bondage realtime submissive laundry style restraint clothes sensory deprivation domestic service hairstyles chauffeur services

Type of meets
Real-Time, On-Line
Here for
Cam Use, Physical Use, Chat, Friendship, Whatever
Feet, Muscles, Leather, Boots, Skinhead, Bondage, Bikers, Smoking, Dungeon Play, Mummification
About Me
I am a sub, without a doubt - but please don't expect me to drop to my knees and worship you as my god, just because you have a middle finger and know a few derogatory terms. ;-)

I'm asexual - so I'm not interested in sex or nudity, or anything like that - no matter how amazing your body/cock is - it's just not for me. What you're wearing, however - that's far more my cup of tea! I have a slightly unusual appreciation for the "style" of guys - the clothes they wear, how they style their hair, accessories, shoes etc. etc.

I think I have three different parts of my sub-personality:
... online - where I can enjoy simply being in your presence, chatting or admiring your clothes.
... domestic service - cleaning, laundry, chauffeur services, errands, personal service etc.
... bondage - I enjoy being restrained and deprived of my senses - then left to deal with it.

It's extremely rare I would explore all three with any one person - everyone has their own interests and abilities. Some work well together though - and that's something I'd love to discuss.
What I want
"What I want" depends very much on what you're able/willing to offer!

Obviously - if we live hundreds of miles apart, domestic service for example, isn't really an option!
I am willing to travel a little to serve the right people - that can all be discussed.

Online - I enjoy chatting to people with a bit of "style" to show off. I'm more than happy to pay for that - but I'm not really a "cash fag" in the traditional sense - I prefer a more "business-like" approach to it all. :-)

Domestic Service - I clean houses, cars, shoes... I do laundry... I pick up shopping, run errands - whatever I can, really.
I prefer a regular arrangement - and unlike so many subs, I don't piss around at cleaning - I do a proper job. I like my Superiors to be pleased with the work I do - and that means doing it properly.

Bondage - I enjoy being restrained, be that with rope, chains, tape, straightjacket etc. I like to have my senses taken away from me - blindfolds, gags, white noise/ear defenders.
I don't need constant attention - tie me up, then leave me to it - watch a film, play on your PS5... whatever you want. I'll still be there when you're ready to let me out!
What experience do you have?
For experience...

Online - I have been enjoying the company of stylish guys online, and paying them for their time since 2007. I have tried traditional financial domination - and found it wasn't for me. I prefer a business-like approach - pre-agreed fees for your time and other efforts you might put in.

Domestic Service - I have had the pleasure of cleaning for/serving Superior Men close to me since 2015. During that time, I have served quite a number of guys, and am well trained in how to conduct myself - and have learned how to do a proper job to achieve the satisfaction of my Superiors.
I have been cleaning regularly for a couple of local guys for over 4 years now - and it is an honour.

Bondage - I have experienced quite a bit - from a pair of handcuffs and a blindfold - through to being mummified, straighjackets, s***p sacks, overnight, breath control - all sorts. Always keen to explore more.

6' 2" / 188cm
Foot size
12 UK / 47  EU /  13 US
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