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    How to spot a time-wasting faggot
    The issue of ‘time-wasting faggots’ came up in chat. I’ve certainly fallen victim to them. A lot in the begginning. 
    Here’s a few classic hall-m...
    Feb 8 '18
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    Nov 18 '18
    excellent observations, Sir
    Nov 18 '18
    Thanks useless and cheers LLK
    Jan 29
    A classic but still up to date.
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  • JacquesHunk
    JacquesHunk » old-user commented on their status
    A slave wrote a fan fiction for me , I ll leave it here ..

    This will be good. I'm finally going to fire the biggest slacker in my store.
    He is young man, 24 years old that been the walking wet dream of a few clients
    here. He barely works, is rude to the customers and co-workers and is always
    late. We work at the pool installation store but we also maintain the pools.
    I'm the senior store manager that has to fix the problem he makes.

    My name is Carl Jones, a married man with two kids and a wife and dog. I keep
    in shape but still have the gut forming. I also have my share of admirers at
    work and on the field. At 36 years old I say I still the handsome stud I was in
    my 20's. My best feature is my impressive eight inch cut cock. Love to hear my
    wife moan as I thrust it in her.

    The soon to be unemployed slacker is named Jack. We all know the type
    arrogant, athletic, stud that gets all the ladies with his movie star good
    lucks. He tries to cost through life on the hard work of others. I doubt he
    has done a hard day of work in his whole life.

    I ask him to meet in my office at 6 after the store closes for the day. Around
    6:30 he leisurely walks into my office and I was visibly pissed about it. This
    slacker has disobeyed for the last time. Before I was going to be nice about
    firing him but now I won't. If he doesn't care, why should I?

    "You're fire," I announced without looking up at him.

    Jack simply sat down at the chair in front of me and lifted his feet on top of
    my desk with a thud in a nonchalant manner.

    "Didn't you hear me?" I snarled. Jack looked at me with his smug smile.

    "Yes," his voice deep and sexually charged, "You're going to give me a raise."

    "Why in hell would I do that?" I almost shouted in rage.

    "You're a dirty faggot that wants her eye candy," he flexed his bicep and for
    some strange reason I could feel myself become aroused.

    "I'm married".

    "And? I don't hear you denying you're a dirty fag girl".

    Standing up I could feel my anger raising. Jack still hand that smug grin on
    his face. My cock started to become engorged.

    "Feel it," he commanded while he flex his arm again.

    Being hypnotized I went and kneeled near the arrogant jerk and felt the bulging
    bicep. It felt hard like iron causing me to moan.

    "Good girl," he cooed while he removed his shirt revealing a body builder torso.

    Never been this turned on before as my hand explored his body. Like a proud
    warrior he let me touch his chest and arms. I wish I could give him that raise
    just for the honor of touching his body.

    "You're drooling fag girl," he scowled.

    Humiliated I wiped off my drool. Ten years older than the stud and I'm drooling
    over his muscles.

    "Massage my feet," he commanded. Maybe he is right and I am gay. What about my
    wife and kids? Fuck them, I went to serve Jack.

    "Are you deaf girl?" he smacked my face causing me to fall over. Quickly I got
    up removing his size 9 shoe with socks I started to massage his perfect feet.

    Soon Jack closed his eyes and my eyes locked on the manly feet in front of me.
    I could smell his sweat on the feet as I worked and started to lick my lips
    while massaging the feet of this young stud.

    "Do it," Jack commanded. He appeared to still have his eyes closed but could
    read my mind.

    Unable to resist I started to lick a foot from the heel to the toes and back.
    Cleaning the sweat from the foot I realized I am a fag for men like Jack. I
    wish I could find a way to give a promotion to this stud.

    "Suck my toes," he barked.

    I worshiped his feet like a slave and my cock ached! After cleaning off between
    his toes I started to suck on his big toe. I tried to fish out my throbbing
    cock to jerk myself off.

    "Stupid faggot," is all I heard before Jack hold my throat in his hand choking
    me. "Get your hand off that small ass cock!" he ordered and I was scared and
    stayed motionless.

    Seeing that I didn't move Jack effortlessly moved me to his knee and started
    to spank me. I'm a grown married man being spanked by a man that is 10 years
    younger than me. Maybe the spanking was supposed to turn me off. However the
    pain and humiliation made me moan like a bitch in heat.

    Luckily no one was left in the building to come in to see us like this. If
    anyone found out the embarrassment is more then I could bear. After being
    spanked for the 20th time tears started to form and I squirmed on the knee of
    the young man.

    "Stop squirming," he snarled as the hits became harder. Giving into my fate I
    tried not to cry out too loud. He takes my silence as a sign to hit me harder.
    Jack hit me 50 or 60 more times. Sobbing and unresponsive to the outside
    world all I registered is the man's voice.

    "Fucking faggot," he swore before spitting on me, "That is why you're fucking
    fag girl instead of a man."

    His words stung me as the tears started to dry. The pain started to ebb and I
    felt Jack fighting for my wallet in my pants. Unable to, scared as well,
    resist him as he cleaned out my wallet of the 50 dollars inside.

    "I saw the looks you gave me," he leered at me, "You always noticed those tight
    t-shirts I wore."

    It is true, the shirts barely held his muscles and even though I told myself,
    and others, it was disgusting I loved seeing it. I can admit to myself now that
    I lusted after his body. It was the reason I hired him in the first place, I
    wanted to look at his body every day. Maybe in the back of my mind I wanted him
    to do something like this. After I interviewed him that night my wife and I had
    the best sex to date. Maybe that was inspired by him too. Now I understand
    now, because men like Jack makes fag girls like me horny.

    "See you later girl," he pushed me off his knee. I dropped onto the ground as I
    pocked the cash while putting his shoes and shirt on.

    "No," I whined trying to get up," I'll double your pay and give you a big

    He can't do this. He can't awaken the fag girl inside of me without doing it
    completely. I need to see his cock and taste his seed. This stud can't walk
    out without feeding me his baby batter.

    For a moment it looked like he was considering it. I also notice I orgasm in my
    pants without touching myself. I came on Jack's knee being spanked. I
    feel both embarrassed and proud that I came like a proper fag girl.

    "Stupid fag," Jack told me while he stood at my office door, "I got a better
    job lined up then this one. Today is my last day."

    Slamming the door the dominant stud left my life. He just worked here for less
    than month but I'll never forget him. After all he is the stud that awoken the
    submissive fag girl inside of me.

    It terrifies me that he might tell his friends at work what just happened.
    However five men for one hungry fag girl…
    A slave wrote a fan fiction for me , I ll leave it here ..

    This will be good. I'm finally going to fire the biggest slacker in my store.
    He is young man, 24 years old that been the walking wet dream of a few clients
    here. He barely works, is rude to the customers and c...See more
			Owned Fags - View 31386 photo by JacquesHunk - Gay financial domina...
    Owned Fags - View 31386 photo by JacquesHunk - Gay financial domina...
    View photo 31386 uploaded by JacquesHunk on Owned Fags.
    Feb 4 '18
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    Feb 3 '18
    great fiction, SIR
    Feb 4 '18
    I know
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  • JacquesHunk
    JacquesHunk created a new blog post
    Slave fan fiction for JacquesHunk
    This will be good. I'm finally going to fire the biggest slacker in my store. 
    He is young man, 24 years old that been the walking wet dream of ...
    Feb 3 '18
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    Feb 4 '18
    I enjoyed the read. Look forward to part 2.
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