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Cash Slavery, Humiliation, Piss, Smoking
About Me
IM LOOKING FOR A LONG TERM LOYAL FAG FOR OWNERSHIP TO SERVE ME AS A FINSUB /sub ..... affinity for YOUR cash I like to rinse fags and tek their hard earned fagCash! I love and live for Appreciation worship and I love to be admired!!! This is a way of life for me, it is what meks me tick.. it’s not a game it’s not an act I don’t need to prove myself every two seconds coz I know who I am and I’m VERY comfortable with myself and have no insecurities about who I am what I do how I’m perceived what might be said about me good or bad I doesn’t even phase me one bit and I literally will just turn off if it’s negative and not listen entertain or OWN THE NEGATIVITY coz it’s not mine .. I’ll prolly jus laugh tbf ANYWAYS there isn’t much negativity about me out there in the first place so no need to go on about that.. I am looking for TRUE FINSUBS that are LOYAL that want LONGEVITY! Do you know what that word means ? Fags are dead flighty I’m looking for an anchor FAG that knows he found the diamond amongst stones n pebbles so to speak .. I want a fag that is like a magpie sees that shiny diamond (me) and goes for it but continues to keep going and showing how and what he thinks of me and degrees of appreciation have no major limitations.. I do live in the REAL WORLD and I dont have unrealistic expectations and inflated ideation BUT on the flip side I don’t get WHY I keep getting fags that say they are poor and want to serve me ?? I keep saying don’t go for a cashmaster go for sum basic FAG off one of them gay apps lol .. why would one go for a cash master it’s all in the Title ?!! I’ve explained it like this :

findom is like a religion, dictating its needs, urges, principles, its all-consuming, becomes a lifestyle if you follow the urges it dictates morality&thought processes.
Exploitation mixed with greed are it's pillars of truth, they are central to fulfilment.
Cash from the weak to the predators is it's (un)holy sacrament.

Here is my suggestion ,not being funny at all but don’t look for a cashmaster so that you can be happy and they can be happy so that you both have some sort of fulfilment and there is no resentment or time wasting THATS A HUGE ONE as well as false promise..don’t promise me something JUST DO IT words r futile they mean nothing actions speak volumes..it won’t impress me that your promising this that and the other it will deter me and flash red lights in my mind saying “pie in the sky faggot inflated sense of being and importance “ usually absolutely NUTS lol I want REAL not trumped up poppers spinny talk .. Iv learned not to even hear promises and NOTICE them when they are there and completed not a thought process lol I can’t tell you how many Iv had over the years I mean Iv had helicopters mansions motorbikes a salary jewellery but I’ve also not seen any of it either so I’ll jus ignore that kinda talk until You price your real and you intentions are as stated ..so Findom cash slavery sub DOM is my fetish it’s my kink and only way I can describe it is if I wanted you to get off on sum pussy and tits PORN OR REAL ONES you wouldn’t be happy and would be lacking summat ,BUT if u throw sum dicks in there ye might be happIER and grab attention spark interest.. this is just an analogy so don’t tek it verbatim ..I’m straight, and the cash is what engages me with the fags coz it’s TO ME ultimate submission and ULTIMATE appreciation and shows the FAg is really into me shows me that you put me first the way it should be coz I’m superior and I’m an alpha and I deserve it as well as command it but you FAG should just know it and know your place learn my likes and dislikes do without having to be prompted and chased because I’ll be dammed if I’m gonna chase you .. if you don’t follow through there better be a damn good reason , reason being the operative word here because I’m REASONABLE.. the way I see it is no fag is gonna spend its hard earned FAG cash on me unless he means it which is what then starts to blur sum lines .. because I’m straight doesn’t necessarily say I’m completely off limits but build that relationship and bridge first do not just pounce those who respect me in that manner get wayyyyy further in my books again being straight don’t mean imma freak out a blow job is a blow Job lol I might like to watch straight porn whilst you do what your supposed to do and serve me needs but that really shouldn’t matter one bit .. I’d like to get to know a special FAG and for us to be on the same page and to have familiarity.. I love when a fag gets addicted and obsessed wiv me if I’m honest and when he treats me right that mixed with aforementioned drives me wild

I LOVE TO OWN A fag I love a human ashtray,foot stool,urinal I am all about REAL so don’t even try to contact me if ye ain’t gonna show me your real and pay me, I have no time for idle time wasting fags NONE WHAT SO EVER! I’m SADISTIC and I love it .. you do what ur supposed to Imma abuse u and own you Harder ..I do real
Time and I do internet and obviously I travel but COVID has other plans for air travel at mo.. I’d drive but ain’t got a car anymore but do need one hint hint ?????joke,well unless it wasn’t a joke to you lol sometimes icebreakers that are thrown in shows humanity and personality .. OK NOW IM into blackmail BUT that does not mean I will do that sort of thing without consent and both parties agreeing on things ahead of time... I’m well into pain inflicted on none other a FAG!!!! It’s all about me and there is no other choice or option So either pass or say this lad means business! I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to have a straightforward faggot that doesn’t chat bollox .. I’m really straight up straight forward and don’t mince me words so if you want to serve me Mek sure u can pay me coz how boring is that for me if I don’t have the cash to draw me in and solidify as well as nurture what we have ?!!!! I shouldn’t have to pay for ANYTHING and I should be treated like a god that I am! I’m ALPHA TOP DOG ALL THE WAY and NO I AINT GAY but I like a fag to pay their tax and like to be paid by a fag for appreciation it’s the only way! I will say this one more time this chavvy Scally lad doesn’t stick around if he ain’t paid by you and if you want my ownership you can’t be a ghost you best know exactly what ye want coz imma tek hold and own u I want fags for the long haul
What I want
I want ca$h Fag one that pays and doesn’t waffle hot air or try to bait coz I can smell that shite a mile away if u have to um and awe about paying me lol ye ain’t real and I won’t pay any mind to you coz if u have it ye gonna out that money where ye mouth is! This is my fetish I’m very serious about it I like to see all fags below me
So I want a
ca$h Fag one that pays and doesn’t waffle hot air or try to bait coz I can smell that shite a mile away if u have to um and awe about paying me lol ye ain’t real and I won’t pay any mind to you coz if u have it ye gonna out that money where ye mouth is! This is my fetish I’m very serious about it I like to see all fags below me
So “tip me”
What experience do you have?
Iv owned faggots since I was a teen and I’ll continue to own them till I’m old

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