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27 years old, Slave, Gay
United States United States, South Carolina, Charleston
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  • Jockboy1776
    Jockboy1776 voted on Irishfootboss's poll
    Subs - Do you look forward to tax day?
    Yes - it reminds me of my place and gives me routine
    (4 votes 24%)
    No - i prefer to give to my betters sporadically
    (9 votes 53%)
    I'll ask my master and get back to you
    (4 votes 24%)
    This poll has ended, total votes - 17
    Sep 17
    Sep 16
    How’d you mean?
    Sep 16
    It kind of feels like calling out the system - in a similar way that slave and cynic do in their comments. Breaking the fourth wall.
    Sep 16
    Oh I’m no where near as eloquent as slave and cynic, but thank you.
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