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36 years old, Master, Straight
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Joined Dec 21 '15

🏷 master god black boss mixed

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Type of meets
Real-Time, On-Line
Here for
Cash Slavery, Physical Use, Ownership, Teamviewer
Cash Slavery
About Me
Too many people think Cashmasters are escorts. You are not paying for a service. Paying
Alphas IS your service, fag. A slave does not choose to submit. A slave simply is beneath the Master, an insignificant prick that's only purpose is to be told what to do without thinking because it does not have a brain it is merely a wallet for use. Nothing else.

I am a mixed-race (Caribbean/British) straight model and proud member of the Black New World Order allowing you the privilege to pay tribute to me. All the time you will be wishing you had the chance to have gay sex with me, but you never will lol. The only pleasure your little white boy dicklet will get is when you see the amount you sent to me, fag.
What I want
Ideally a slave will come to me with life changing finances they realize I deserve more than them including cash and property. If you're a true cash pig then you know financial domination is exactly what you deserve in life.

Your hard earned money should all be going to me, a real man, not for a lowly queer like you.

The only reason you should even be working is so you can earn money to better my life. You need to serve me as I should be served.

It's about bowing down and taking it like a true human ATM bitch. Sure you can squeal all you want pig but when the cash draining begins there's no turning back. After all my satisfaction is what your focus should be anyway so quit your bitching and get your wallet out.

Lucky for you I'm nice enough to be available for you inferior submissive slaves to serve and tribute online. I will drain your ass so hard you'll be left spinning. Submit to your Boss and do everything in your power to keep me happy.

Your money is actually Master's Money and you know that so it's time for you to send it to me to blow on whatever the hell I want.

Maybe you work hard or maybe you don't but one thing is for certain and that is your desire to send all your money to me, a hot hung straight cash master. You're about to do just that.

This is going to be fast and as hard of a cash-****** as you can possibly handle. It's about to happen! Can you feel the anticipation and excitement building, knowing you're going to get out your wallet right now?!

Pull out your credit cards and start blowing cash on your Boss, you know you NEED this. This is as easy as can be and I want to see you put your money where your mouth is and show me what you got! Aren't you a lucky cash pig? I do not appreciate timewasting fags. If you're genuine you know what to do. Message me now bitch and start enhancing my life like a good little ATM.

Your Boss
What experience do you have?
In-person and online.

5' 8.5" / 174cm
165lb / 75kg
Foot size
8 UK / 43 EU /  9 US
Eye colour

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