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26 years old, Master, Bisexual
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Real-Time, On-Line
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Cash Slavery, Cam Use, Physical Use, Humiliation, Ownership
Cash Slavery, Humiliation, Piss, Leather, Boots, Bondage, Suits, Edging
About Me
So here we go again.
I was a big user of m*********h back in its glory days years ago and have always had a taste for cash domination.
I enjoy extracting gifts, tributes, cash, duties, etc from submissives who can tell that I'm not just in it for a quick buck.
I get hard when obeyed and even more so when that obedience manifests as material gain for me.
I'm young but experienced as I used to use fags, sluts, cash pigs, slaves, atms, subs - and whatever other names you lessers go by - full time when I started out.
I can be cruel but I'm open to working with cash subs with low means as long as they make use of them.
I specialise in verbal abuse, because it gets me off without fail, and I am equipt with a HD webcam, Skype, and an instagram account you can buy access to.
Check out my wishlist for a look at what I'm into and get buying if you really want my attention.
What I want
Obviously I want your money and service but I more importantly, I'm interested in cash fags who can be consistent and give me what I deserve on a reasonably regular basis.
Obviously there always is and always will be those cash fags who are after a quick thrill and will run away after tributing, and I'll take their cash all the same.
Approach me with respect and you'll do well.
What experience do you have?
About six years of dominating on and offline.

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  • MasterRue
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    A new jockstrap bought from my wishlist by a loyal slut and a £50+ jacket I took from a slave after a realtime session.
    Nov 9 '19
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    Nov 8 '19
    I know boy, full leather and fits perfectly. Bet you'd like to see more of it.
    Nov 9 '19
    Ask your Master theskinboss and see if you're able to tribute me, and then you can see plenty more and even cam with me if you get real lucky.
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  • MasterRue
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    My Doc Martens need a good cleaning by a foot fag. Message me to worship.
    Nov 8 '19
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    Nov 8 '19
    Need myself a pair of these!
    Nov 8 '19
    This is a picture from when I first got them, they're worn in and dirty now that's for sure.
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  • MasterRue
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    A new jockstrap bought from my wishlist by a loyal slut and a £50+ jacket I took from a slave after a realtime session.
    Nov 7 '19
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    Nov 7 '19
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    Please say hello and give them a big welcome!
    Nov 7 '19
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