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  • Sir_Daz
    Sir_Daz liked BearMaster's photo
    That's it, fag. Fucking clean that off!
    Aug 26 '17
    16 25
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    Jul 5 '18
    Damn good boy
    Jul 6 '18
    Lucky fag!
    Jul 10 '18
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    Jun 23 '17
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  • Sir_Daz
    Sir_Daz uploaded 1 new photo to Sir Daz album
    Loving the growth in my chest
    May 30 '17
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  • Sir_Daz
    Sir_Daz liked BearMaster's photo
    Men, here is what a controlled faggot bitch looks like. At left, we see a useless appendage locked away as it should be. At right, we see the useful and horny part ready to be wrecked hard.
    Jul 2 '15
    2 2
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    Jun 30 '15
    Jul 1 '15
    The fag is out with his mates now and pissing at urinals as an imposter male. They will see that they are normal and he is a locked-up cunt!
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  • Sir_Daz
    Sir_Daz liked BearMaster's photo
    Overnight lockdown for My young slave, after a long chat about the purpose and appropriateness of this form of submission for this little faggot.
    Jun 28 '15
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    Jun 27 '15
    The slave cock is put away where it belongs. This fag's primary sexual organ is not on display in this pic. And it is far hornier than what you see here!
    Dec 25 '15
    My New Year's Resolution is to put more fag slaves into chastity than ever! MASTER's Cock is the only one in the room that matters — and pointless fag slave "cock" will be removed from MY sight!
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  • Sir_Daz
    Sir_Daz liked BearMaster's photo
    This fag Mark feels very exposed right now because he is having an orgasm talking to a real man, proving his total homosexuality. No more closet for this one, ever again!
    Jun 10 '15
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    Jun 10 '15
    Maybe if you're lucky, chubbyfag69. But your cock is even smaller than this homo's!
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