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29 years old, Master, Straight
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About Me
I'm a college educated dominant that works in IT and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Cybersecurity. I am typically on the quieter side in real life and am very analytical of people and the world around me. As you can imagine from my work, I have some geek interests but hold playing ice hockey as my main hobby.
What I want
I'm hoping to develop long term arrangements with genuine submissives. While a one-off drain can be fun for some I don't like to break my toys. The long slow drains where I weave my way through a sub's head and learn exactly what it is that makes them tick is more entertaining. Ultimately it's the control that I crave. While I've only found one of these arrangements, the best one I've ever had was one where I was fully in control of their budget. I helped them overcome some debts while also carving out a bit for myself as their income was freed up.

Outside of long term arrangements, I enjoy some gambling based games and am generally open to hearing out any ideas that may be brought forward.

I also coach a hockey team if you'd be interested in funds going towards those guys, measage me and we'll discuss the team budget, needs and desires as well.
What experience do you have?
I feel relatively new to the findom world even though I've dabbled off and on for a couple years. I found my previous arrangements on other bdsm/kink sites that really don't cater to findom so there was always long gaps between subs and often a lot of wasted time.

5' 9.2" / 176cm
200lb / 90.9kg
Foot size
9.5 UK /  44 EU /  10.5 US
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    When you start needing (saw someone post an electric bill (over on twitter) on here worded need this paying)… sponsor a bill

    Thats not FINDOM that’s begging .

    You might as well hold out a cup and beg for a few spare coins

    Thankfully we don’t get that kinda stuff on OWNEDFAGS 🙌🏼
    Jul 7
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    Jul 7
    I said it on Twitter and I'll say it here - www.totaljobs.co.uk
    Jul 7
    Then these 'doms' can pay their own Bill's
    Jul 7
    The way these things make me cringe...
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