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🏷 findom dominant ownership straight relationship shaming couple

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Real-Time, On-Line
Here for
Cash Slavery, Cam Use, Ownership
About Me
Straight man in a beautiful relationship looking to financially and emotionally destroy every single fucking braindead faggot on this website.

You will tribute before you speak. Fag Tax. Your first message is to be an extremely pathetic paragraph explaining why you deserve any of my time, and how much your pathetic faggot ass will give up for just a tiny bit more of it.

I will destroy you. If you desire anything more, seek out someone who will support your disgusting behaviors. You will value every second of the time I give you, and you will tell me how much you do. I do not tolerate your disrespect. The moment it seems that you might think that my needs are something less then your entire purpose will be your last with me.
What I want
Lose the house for me, then starve on the street for me. Me and my girlfriend have expensive tastes, and you're the ugly faggot that's picking up the tab.
What experience do you have?
Do you think i'm going to give you anything?
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