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About Me
Born a servile fag, always a servile fag. My instinct is to bow down, obey, and surrender to a Man who doesn't play the master, but just knows he is; who knows i am human, but knows that that's the point—anyone can have a dog.
Years spent begging cock on my knees in public toilets, darkrooms and cruising grounds have made me an expert cocksucker with a well suppressed gag reflex. My deepthroat is vaginal and pump-action. My anus is there for your use. My penis is small, usually leaking, and evidence of my inferiority. But it is useful in my control if master can be arsed: pain, edging and orgasm ruin are useful tools.
I'm not so much into theatrical master-slave scenarios: there's nothing says servile more than straightforward obedience and quickly following instructions, be that in pleasing master sexually, doing the shopping, fetching beer from the fridge, or a smack in the balls. You can't act that. I have a voice in my head that tells me what a useless, worthless, cocksucker i am, that makes me yearn, pointlessly, for the qualities of real manhood. But i wasn't born a Man, and Masters are evidence of that. Use that against me, Sir.
I'm never happier than when servile in a group: serving several masters, serving alongside other fags, abusing another fag because Sir says so, or just doing all the fetching, carrying and paying in public.
I live in SW England—Devon—and travel sometimes. I'm turned 50, but physically fit and active, and look a lot younger. My existential conflict is that i am in a fairly vanilla relationship in real life, but crave a boot in the balls, a wallet clear-out, squalid incarceration, and use as a toilet, ashtray or domestic servant. All real time. I'm interested in online exchanges that lead to discreet, physical meetings. I will not mess you around.
I value my privacy, and no matter how deep master get's into my head, that won't change, so no recording, no face on video, no public humiliation. I always play safe—always.
I'll tribute when we meet real time, or as part of the build-up to a real meet. I'm not into cyber draining.
What I want
To develop a truly perverted relationship with a measured, cerebral and physical master who will push my limits and respect my red lines; who will enjoy taking what he wants without slipping into "are you OK" social conventions, within the parameters we've agreed. Basically, you've got on your hands a craven little cock-obsessed wanker who'll consider anything (legal) in the hope of a sniff of Master's cock and in a pursuit of an orgasm that Master has the power to deny.
Because of my situation, i'm looking for occasional, stolen, in-person meets and discrete online exchanges.
Masters: Sirs, please do not message me out of the blue demanding tribute or setting me tasks. When i hand over control, Sir will know it.
Ideally, you will be local, or live somewhere i go regularly, like London.
I'm really into real-time, even if that also involves cyber.
What experience do you have?
A lot. I know my mind. I know what I want.

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