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41 years old, Slave, Gay
Czech Republic Czech Republic
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🏷 humiliation boots socks sneakers sub life control tasks young doms meal control dress control sleep control

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Humiliation, Chat, Friendship
Humiliation, Feet, Leather, Boots, Skinhead, Bondage, Bikers
About Me
hello all, this is already owned fag with more than 15 years experience in bdsm scene combinating on-line and real lessons. it likes mainly humiliating orders both during lessons and also during its common life. it is into younger demanding Doms with difficult orders during lessons and list of restrictions during common life.
it has been asked about current limitations in its common life (you can suggest other limitations - to be discussed with its Master):
- no use of toilet seats
- when outside, pissing only with showing balls
- prefer usage of stairs (no elevator when possible)
- treat all Males with respect
- do min 10000 steps each day
What I want
just friends or tips how to serve better. this sub already has its Master, but it welcome all orders and tips how to evolve into a better sub fulfilling its purpose of life - to serve Doms in order to make their life easier.
it has been asked what type of Dom is it into - it is easy - my Dom should be creative, using technologies to check / control its sub, demanding, He should be into humilitation, boot / socks / feet worship, leather, playing outside, open to input from another Doms, and last-but not least- dominant.
What experience do you have?
some experience from the web, living with one real partner for 10 years

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