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27 years old, sub, Gay
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Physical Use, Humiliation, Ownership, Chat, Whatever
Humiliation, Muscles
About Me
Hello, Sirs. i'm a loyal, affectionate, and experienced service fag looking for more opportunities to fulfill my purpose. i thrive on serving You and being genuinely put in my place.

i'm not actually interested in finDom. i may be in the wrong place, but i think my interests overlap significantly with the community on this site, so i'm giving it a try.
What I want
i'm looking for opportunities to serve Alpha Men in-person.

A few keywords: Domestic service, sexual service, protocol, rituals, rules, SPH, objectification (foot stool, ash tray, urinal, coffee table, etc.), serving groups of Men at once, CMNM.

In the long long term, i'm looking for a LTR with someone who would be open to integrating some aspects of kink into our daily lives. One day, a collar would be great.

The trifecta of humiliation, service, and affirmation is what makes my cage strain the most.

What You can expect from me:

- Devoted, thoughtful service, paying special attention to what brings You the most joy
- An eagerness to follow protocol, rituals, and rules that please You
- Openness to integrate chastity and orgasm control into O/our dynamic
- Genuine reverence and worship, including a natural preference for being below, under, or beneath You, Sir -- ie. sitting on the floor while You sit in a chair
- Honest communication
What experience do you have?
i've served one Alpha domestically and sexually for about 2 years. i arrive at His home, kneel at His feet in respect, and take care of any and all domestic tasks He needs or wants done, including: bathroom and kitchen cleaning, floor scrubbing, laundry, bed making, organization, and more. i also serve as His ashtray, urinal, masseuse, and of course, His cocksucker.

i've spent much of the last few years on and off in chastity, usually a few weeks at a time. The longest i've gone consecutively is about a month.

i've been in the kink community for 8-ish years and am well-versed in its protocols, expectations, etc. i'm a regular at Mid-Atlantic Leather and you can spot me at Folsom and Dore in SF.

6' 2" / 188cm
200lb / 90.9kg
Foot size
11 UK / 46 EU /  12 US
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