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About Me
I am a born cashfag. I don’t seem to be able to do anything about it so I might as well go with it.

There’s a certain shame to being a cashfag, and perhaps also to being a cashdom. I don’t know about that really. But certainly no master I’ve ever had has spoken openly about it outside of our community. But that’s something I’m trying to work through and come to terms with. I once often used to want to “come out”, but I think instead I am developing the contentment of keeping it a secret. The world isn’t ready for our special brand of kink.

I am not the kind of fag who goes around submitting to every man, dom or actor dom I meet. I am very respectful of men who have that special dom quality, but If we haven’t developed a master/slave relationship, don’t be offended if I don’t want to submit to you, tribute you or otherwise put you on a pedestal.

Having said that, once we have developed that relationship, then look out. I will love, adore and worship you (yes I am a hopeless romantic) and I will spend every waking minute thinking of how I can be of service to you and how I can improve your life. I understand that money is the substantial part of findom — the clue is in the name really — but I believe it’s not the only part. Genuine findom masters get excited about being spoiled as much as fags getting excited about spoiling. I have had masters and have heard and read about many getting hard at the thought of being spoiled. Even cash masters who are straight get a unique pleasure out of being served by a cash fag.

I don’t really go in for that “I am weak”, “I am subhuman” kinda thing to be honest. Sure, the right master can make me feel weak but I am a strong, disciplined individual who works hard to please a master who respects me. In fact, I would say it takes a particular self-confidence to serve others the way a cashfag does. We don't need to put ourselves down to be of service to others.

I am a Buddhist and try to apply Buddhist principles to findom. My teacher would be absolutely horrified if he knew I was into findom, but I have to apply buddhadharma to every aspect of my life. The basic principle is this: all happiness comes from cherishing others, and all unhappiness comes from cherishing oneself. In findom this means neglecting our own welfare and focussing entirely on our master’s happiness. If I do this it will ensure that both my Master and I have a happy life and enjoy this special experience.

Outside of findom, I am a software developer by trade and enjoy building complex data-driven wesbites. I am also a novice designer and am playing around with Illustraor and Photoshop. I play and teach piano and don't like going outside. Lockdown is perfect for me. I hope it goes on forever.

Actuall, that's not fair. You can go out if you want to. But I'm staying indoors. Not out of fear or anything, but I am quite content at home and have little interest in nature or riding bikes.
What I want
Now that Master Luke has kindly taken me under His wing, I want is to learn everything I can about Him and His desires so I can make His life as happy and as comfortable as it can be.

I crave His attention and get upset if I don’t talk to Him every day, but this is a fault of mine that I need to correct. I need to learn He has a life outside of being served by me and that will make both of us happier. Ok, this is turning into a therapy session. This is still the section on what I want isn’t it? Oh yeah, it says so just there. Pressed the wrong button again.

I am very happy with the way things are going, but I would really like one day to meet Master in person and fulfil my job description of keeping His boots clean. Have you seen His boots? Wowee! If not, you should ask to see them. I'm sure He'd be happy to show you.
What experience do you have?
Around ten years of online BDSM, around six of findom.

5' 11.6" / 182cm
> 275lb / 125kg
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