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31 years old, Master, Homoflexible
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🏷 cashmaster footmaster redneck smoker hipster

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Cash Slavery, Cam Use, Physical Use, Humiliation, Ownership, Chat, Friendship, Whatever
Cash Slavery, Humiliation, Muscles, Skinhead, Suits, Smoking, CBT, Edging
About Me
If you met me on the street, you'd think I was a quiet if slightly cocky hipster bro. If I brought you home, you'd see that I'm more than a bit cocky and not afraid to take what I want. I'm hot, hairy, and hung with an average body - but domination isn't about looks, it's about attitude. It's about knowing what I want, knowing what I deserve, and knowing that you deserve to give it to me.
I donate 50% of my findom earnings to charity. Message me to find out what charity I am supporting this month!
What I want
I want a boy/faggot who needs my attention. Yes I like your cash, but what I love is your devotion, your admiration, your addiction. I'd rather have frequent, consistent small tributes than massive one-time drains and I'd rather a boy know his limits to make his service sustainable in the long term.
I like to have genuine relationships within and outside the context of kink. We can always leave the scene and talk like bros who truly enjoy each other's company. But when we're in the scene, none of that matters.
What experience do you have?
I've been an online master in another kink off and on for about a year. I'm also a finsub to one very special Master - which means that I know exactly what subs want and how to treat them right.

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  • As stated on my profile, I donate 50% of my income from findom to charity. Why do I make this commit...
    · Jun 1 '20


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