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53 years old, Slave, Heteroflexible
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About Me
I am looking to explore a cash-slavery fetish very slowly. Although I’ve struggled with a feeling of need for a very long time, I also find yielding to it intimidating and frightening. My need to go slowly may make me less desirable, but I know that is the only way for me ultimately to feel secure enough to express my deep qualities of loyalty and commitment, and—I hope—humility.

I mostly identify as straight. But I can only really imagine being dominated effectively by a man, and both the submission and cash slavery have an independently powerful erotic appeal.

I have a very strong smoking fetish and it is certainly my greatest weakness. I don’t respond well to humiliation. Chastity is also of particular interest, although my personal circumstances likely make it difficult to explore as fully as I might otherwise prefer.

In short, although I essentially have no real experience, I’m looking to understand the cash-slavery fetish better, and in the process to understand myself better.
What experience do you have?
Essentially none.
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