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Aussie masters and slaves

A place to meet cash masters and slaves who live in or are travelling in Australia

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Devotion Slaves

This group is for slaves don’t require humiliation to serve but seek a Master they can devote themselves to. All they require is a superior they can tribute in the hope that they can make their existence have meaning. As slaves tribute regularly and increasingly it provides a natural pathway for su...

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Young Doms

If you wish to worship young Doms come to this page and look around. Who knows you may find the perfect Dom to worship.

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London Cash Point Meets

This group is for UK Masters and Slaves to post availability for cash point meets in and around London.  

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Face sitting

for face sitters looking for  somewhere to relax their arse.  slaves offering to clean a hole and give Superiors somewhere to get comfortable, relax and let go.  Rimmers, rimseat lovers and more.  Scat lovers welcome  but ***no scat pics allowed***.

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