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We have broken the norm when it comes to Financial Domination and the BDSM scene.

Join a site that has fresh new ideas and does not follow the same drab template you may be used to. We are growing a community where it is not just about the thrill of the drain but also a place where Masters and slaves have somewhere to share ideas and experiences.

We listen to our members and we know this is what separates us from the rest to make a truly exciting and engaging environment.

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What to expect

We have so many unique and interesting features that we are only going to list a few of the main ones here. If you want to experience the whole lot then you will need to sign up and join in.

We really are taking the Master and slave scene to a whole new level!

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Cash Slaves
Financial Domination
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Owned Fags uses a unique Tip system to safely and securely tribute Masters. These Tips can then be cashed out by Masters to a bank account or gift card.

Using Tips means you never give out any personally identifiable information, keeping you safe online.

To find out more about Tips please read our FAQ on Tips.


A big part of the site is Ownership and Masters having a stable of slaves.

This is another unique feature and one that adds an entire new dimension to online domination.

When in a Masters stable the slave is owned by that Master and as such the Master has certain controls over the slaves account.

The Master is able to read his slaves private messages, see what the slave has been saying in chat, see how many Tips the slave has and also put the slave in the Dungeon.


Member submitted videos means you always have something new to watch.

We currently have 1346 videos on site and new ones are being uploaded every day.

Take a preview of the videos here.

Slave targets

Targets can be set by Masters for slaves to complete.

They are monetary goals with a deadline which must be met otherwise the slave will be placed into the Dungeon and they will also incur a penalty on the Slave Market.

Targets are a great way to make tributing fun.


The Dungeon is a place where slaves are sent if they misbehave or fail to complete a target.

While in the Dungeon the slave can only view who else is in the Dungeon and watch as they are ridiculed by other members.

See who is currently in the Dungeon by viewing it here.

The above is just a selection of what we offer. Join now and see what else we provide!

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