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100% Completely free to join, and always will be

We've broken the norm when it comes to Financial Domination and the Master/slave scene.

Join a site that doesn't follow the same drab template. We’re growing a community where it’s not just about the thrill of the drain, but also a place where Masters and slaves have somewhere to share ideas and experiences.

We listen to our members and we know this is what separates us from the rest.

What to expect

We have so many cool features that we're only going to list a few of the main ones here. If you want to experience the whole lot, then you'll need to sign up and join in.

We really are taking the Master and slave scene to a whole new level!

Straight Masters
Cash Slaves
Financial Domination
Muscled Studs
Weak Fags
Sissy Boys
Leather Masters
Superior Men
Human ATM


Want to tribute your favourite Master, but worried about sending your personal details? We've got you covered!

Owned Fags has it's own tip system to let you easily and securely send and receive payment.

To find out more about Tips, take a look at our Tips FAQ.

Ownership System

Ownership System

One of the key aspects of Owned Fags is the idea of Ownership, where slaves dedicate themselves to a Master and keeping him happy.

To re-enforce this, we've created the Ownership system, where slaves can show a badge on their profile indicating that they're serving a Master already.

Being owned by a Master brings control over that slave which we're sure you'll find exciting. For example, if a slave is owned then their Master can read their private messages, and set the slave goals to be completed, as well as much more.



Upload your videos and earn some cash, or just have a browse when the mood takes you.

Members are uploading videos all the time, so we're sure you'll find something you like.



As well as videos, you can also upload an unlimited number of photos, and also create premium galleries where you can charge for users to view them.

Worship Wall

Worship Wall

The Worship Wall is an area where slaves can show their admiration for Masters.

Slaves choose their favourite photo of their chosen Master, and can post it to the wall, along with a short message of appreciation and some Tips if they choose. It's a nice way to show respect.

The above is just a selection of what we offer. Join now and see what else we provide!

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