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9th Path LTD ("9th Path, Owned Fags" or “us” or “our”) is registered at 42 Tongham Road, Aldershot, Hampshire, GU12 4AP, UK, 9th Path LTD operates under the governing law of The United Kingdom.

We have outlined as clearly as possible our handling and storage procedures as well as information on how you can manage your data.

The point of this Privacy Policy is to explain how we keep your data safe so you feel comfortable using Owned Fags and the companies we work with.

What information does Owned Fags collect?

We collect some information automatically when you use our site, some is provided manually by yourself and some is collected once you have given us permission.

Automatically collected information
  • IP Address - Think of this like a phone number for your internet connection. We need this so we know where to send the web pages you request. We also need it to help us identify and block troublesome users.
  • Browser fingerprint - Think of this as a unique identifier for your internet browser. This is used to help us know what kind of device you are using so we can tailor the site to that specific device (for example small screens), it also helps us block and identify troublesome users.
Information provided by you

This would be anything that you manually enter and submit to us; for example, text into a text box, items selected from a list or a selection from a drop-down menu. This type of information could be your e-mail address, age, gender, interests, sexual orientation etc.

We use this information to tailor Owned Fags to you and to also display on areas like your public profile for other users to view.

You can edit your personal information at any time.

Information collected by your permission

At times you may be prompted to allow us to collect some information in order to give you more accurate results or tailor the site specifically to you.

An example of this would be allowing us access to your GPS location to locate other users in your area.

You will be asked clearly at the time if you wish to give us this information and you can always decline.

Other information collected

We will also collect and store any non-text content you submit to Owned Fags, this would be things like images, videos and audio. You can delete this content at any time using the tools on site.

How is my data processed?

Owned Fags runs on a dedicated server and any information that you submit to us is handled by us directly.

We use trusted SSL encryption to ensure that any information you send to us is secure.

There may be instances where Owned Fags will redirect you to another secure site to enter your information; an example of this would be when you are entering in payment details and you are redirected to one of our payment providers. We ensure we only work with trusted partners that also fully comply with data protection and security laws. You will clearly be shown when you are leaving Owned Fags and giving your information to them.

How long is my data stored?

The data we collect will be stored with us until your account is deleted. Some data may expire earlier but as a general rule if your account is still active your data is still stored.

Once you remove your account or it is removed by an Admin all content you have uploaded as well as any other data stored is immediately removed. Account retrieval is not possible.

While your data will be removed instantly from our live server and not available for others to access it may still be accessible from other places such as a search engine cache.

Your data may also be stored in a ‘backup’. We take backups regularly to ensure that if something was to happen to our server we have a recent copy in which we can restore files. We take backups daily up and keep them for up to 30 days on a secure dedicated server. So, from the day you remove your account your information would still be accessible for up to 30 days afterwards in backup form but not accessible to the public.

Can my data be used to identify me personally?

The information we collect automatically cannot be used to personally identify you, however information you volunteer and submit to Owned Fags might be.

It is your decision on what you choose to submit to us and you can edit your information at any time.

What can I do to help keep my information secure?

We ask that users do not share their passwords with anyone else and to also log out of the site once they have finished using it. Be wary of scams and do not enter any information into a site you do not trust or click links from unknown sources.

Do you share information with third parties?

We will never share information that could personally identify you without consent to anyone else. If we do need to then you will be notified first and you will have the option to decline.

Some information may be sent to third parties in order to send you things like site notifications, but this information cannot identify you personally and you can opt out of these notifications when logged in.

We do not sell information or pass information onto other third parties for marketing reasons.

We may at times be required to pass on information if we are required to by a Court Order or if the police issue a RIPA (Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act) form.

How can I contact you if I have a question about my data?

You can contact us via this link or by using the Contact Us link at the bottom of every page.

If you do not consent to any part of this policy you must immediately stop using Owned Fags and remove your account if you have one with us.

This policy has been written to comply with GDPR guidelines introduced in May 2018. Last updated 17/05/2018.

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