Privacy Policy

OK, so legal stuff's long and boring ...still, it's important!
This is the stuff that protects you [and us] from the baddies.

We've tried our best to make everything easy to understand help you know exactly what we know about you, how we store it, what we do with it, how you can change or delete it ...and who can see it.

The point of a Privacy Policy is to keep everyone's data safe ...and so you feel comfortable trusting Owned Fags and the people we work with :]

So ...Whaddawe Know?

Public Info:

When you create an account on Owned Fags, you provide us with tonnes of information ...such as your age, gender, sexual orientation etc. This stuff makes up your Profile, which is of course publically available [that's the point!]. You're in full control of this information and can update it, delete it or change it at any time [by using the "edit profile" button on the top right console, when you log on to your account].

This information is also stored on our servers, in something called a "database" ...which is basically geek-speak for a "boring way to store information". If you delete something from your Profile, it's also deleted on our database [and from our servers] at exactly the same time. This means you're in full control of what (a) the public sees and (b) what our servers store. You can change it, or remove it, at any time :)

Just make sure you only publish stuff on ur Profile, that you want the public to see!

Private Info:

When you create an account on Owned Fags, you also provide us with some private information, such as your password and email address. We need this information so we can identify you and log you on to the website.

Again, you are in full control of this information and can update it, change it or delete it at any time using the links, when you log on to your account. This information is encrypted when you give it to us [and when you amend it] for your security. The public cannot see this information. The information is stored in a secure data centre, by our hosting company.

Credit Card Info:

We do not store your credit card details.

If you purchase anything by Credit Card, you do so with our "Payment Partners", such as Verotel[some of the largest online payment peeps in the adult industry]. These companies have their own Privacy Policys, which are made clear to you on their payment pages.

If we change payment providers, your data will be securely transferred by a certified and trusted agency, such as G4S [Group 4 Securicor]. We guarantee we will only use fully PCI DSS certified payment providers and banks, who can be certified with an agency such as Trustwave.

Automatically Collected Info:

In order to offer you our services, we need to collect some info automatically. This extends to:

  • Your IP Address

    This is a special number [a bit like a phone number, for your computer's internet connection]. We need this so (a) we know where to send the web pages you request and (b) to identify you on our systems, so we can customise your web pages [for example, showing you which of your friends are online]. IP Addresses also help us to identify and block troublesome accounts [such as cyber bullies, trolls and spammers]. Also, for the same reasons, we may store something called a "MAC address".

  • The Dates and Times that you "Log On".

    We need this info, so our servers know you're online and stuff.

  • Your Browser Type

    Sometimes we'll capture details about ur operating system and web browser. This is so we know what kind of content to give you. For example; if you have an IPad, we need to give you different webpages to someone using a PC. This is because different operating systems support different software ...we need to serve the correct software for your device.

  • Emails & Letters

    Sometimes you might need to contact us by email or post. We may keep a copy of this correspondence. This is purely so we can assist you and improve our services.

  • Cookies:

    Cookies are small files, stored on your computer when you visit a website. The cookies we store contain randomly generated codes, which help us identify you. While we identify most people by their IP Address, sometimes more than one person can share the same IP [for example everyone at an Internet Cafe shares the same IP]. By storing cookies we know who is who, so we don't ever get you mixed up with someone else.

    The information we store in ur cookie is fully encrypted, for security.

  • Back-ups:

    Web servers, like all computers, can crash. Our hosting company takes backups of your data, so they can rebuild servers without losing ur profile. This info's held in a secure data centre and is only available to our hosting company. They take daily backups, which are generally held for a month. Nobody else has access to this info, so ur data's supa-safe!

  • Whadda Others Know?

    A few other companies have access to ur info. We never give it out willy-nilly ...only when it's essential for Owned Fags to exist. Here's a list of peeps who have access to stuffz...

    Our Hosting Company:

    We don't host the website ourselves. We pay world-leading experts in security to do so.

    Google & Chums:

    Search engines, such as Google, have computer programs called "spiders" which trawl the net for data. For the Internet, this is a good thing means we can visit Google and type in a few words and find exactly what we're looking for. These "spiders" find and store the web's latest info and profiles in their own database. If they didn't do this, we wouldn't be able to "search".

    Please remember, if you make anything publically available on Owned Fags [or any website], then Google and Chums will also take a copy. If you delete something from your profile, we'll delete it pretty much instantly. However, Google and Chums may take a few weeks to catch up [they have to wait until their spiders next make a visit].

    Other Companies:

    Sometimes we outsource stuff to carefully selected companies, who are clued up with Data Protection. Examples include companies who do computer programming, or provide customer services.

    Tha Fuzz:

    The Police can issue a RIPA form, or a Court can grant an Order, for the release of your information.

    For example, if you tell another member they've got a big nose, we won't release ur info. But if you cut someone into squares and bury them under the patio, we will. In a nutshell, ur data's safe unless you commit a serious crime ...quite simply; don't be a noob!

    If we discover that you've been spamming [or indulging in any other illegal activities, in breach of our terms], we reserve the right to view any data that you have exchanged on the Website and to be able to use it [in evidence against you] in a court of law. This means we can gain convictions against spammers etc. We will only do this, when absolutely necessary, for the greater benefit and protection of the community.

    Our Kredentialz!?!

    We spend kazoodles in time and money keeping ur data safe.

    The bills in running a website like Owned Fags are not small!

    Here's a few things we're really proud of;

    • Secure Data Centre

      Owned Fags is hosted by a world class hosting company. This means we benefit from the latest security technologies. Your data's as safe as can be!

    • PCI Security Standards

      We are fully PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliant. Meaning your card data is super safe!

    Do Yer Bit!!

    We take the bulk of responsibility. Still, you need to do yer bit!

    Keep it Under Yer Hat!

    It's all very well spending zillions keeping yer data safe ...but if u tell someone ur password, it's all a bit pointless! We know it's hard for some of u to keep a secret ...but please, try to keep ur password safe.

    On the same hand, if you indulge in TeamViewer and other remote accessing activities, DON'T BLAME US IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG. Allowing someone to access your computer opens up all kinds of security risks, and Owned Fags will not be held responsible for your silly actions.

    Be Aware of Scams:

    There's tonnes of amazing people on Owned Fags everywhere, there can sometimes be a few MoNSTeRs. Here's some tips, to keep safe from their filthy scams:

    • We will never send you a message asking for your password or bank details. If this happens, no matter how genuine it looks, it's a scam [called "Phishing"].

    • Make sure you have "anti-virus software" and a "firewall" installed [such as Norton or McAfee] ...and that you keep 'em up to date. This helps to stop baddies getting ur info :)

    • If someone sends you an email with an image embedded, they can sneakily grab your IP address. Never choose to enable images from strangers. If you don't have a good firewall, this is all the baddies needs to be able to find you, hack you and to gain access to your computer and everything you type. Images attached to an email are ok [so long as you have good anti-virus software] this threat only applies to images appearing in the body of an email itself.

    • Only click or visit links pointing to websites you know you can trust [such as YouTube]. If a link points to the baddies's server, you are giving him your home IP Address.

    • Never install software unless (a) it came from a trustworthy source, or (b) your anti-virus software says it's ok. This is because programs can secretly gather ur info and send it to the baddies.

    • Never give or lend ur account to someone else.

    • Remember ...the baddies will pretend to be ur best friend. He'll hind behind pics of the hottest girls and guys to fool u.

    It's all a bit like crossing the road ...if u never cross the road, u'll have a rubbish time. If u take caution and know the risks of the interweb, u'll almost certainly be ok. And for those of u who really struggle ...we're here to hold ur hand as much as we can :]

    Most importantly ...let's not concentrate too much on the negatives! Owned Fags has LoADs of great people on it and we want you to have some amazing fun and enjoy our community.

    Time for a Change?

    Sometimes, we need to change our Privacy Policy. For example, a law might change. If we make any changes, we'll let you know about them here addition, we'll send you a message about it :)

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