Content guidelines

Owned Fags has these Content Guidelines in place to ensure that only safe, high quality material is uploaded.

Not adhering to these guidelines will result in temporary bans, repeat offenders will be removed.

  • If you are uploading content that features other parties, you do so with full permission
  • No members of the public must be visible in the background, even if their backs are turned or blurred
  • Content must have been created by you - that means that any images or videos must have been taken by you or feature you and any text/blogs must have been written by you
  • You are NOT allowed to ask for payment in ways other than Tips or advertise other sites
  • In images/videos of tributes they must be unboxed and if it is a clothing item then it must be worn

Content must NOT feature the following:

  • Explicit/NSFW (not suitable for work) imagery
  • Links to exposure sites or exposure information
  • Scat
  • Blood
  • Drug use - including the use/display of poppers
  • Alcohol - even if unopened
  • Face covering/choking which could result in the inability to breathe
  • Activity which could cause severe damage/harm
  • Dangerous weapons - knives, guns etc
  • Material that could cause offence

Last updated 12th October 2023

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