Owned Fags - Changelog

10th November 2022

  • Reimbursements now count towards an active target
  • Added a '> 6' 6.7" / 200cm' option to the height question on profiles

3rd November 2022

  • Users now need to be logged in and verified to see someone's contact details

2nd November 2022

  • It is now possible to like and comment on finished pillory posts
  • Added a warning to the send Tips modal and the send gifts modal if the recipient is a Dom that has not verified their identity

26th September 2022

  • Launched instant pay-outs! Doms do longer need to wait for a monthly pay-out, the request is processed and sent immediately
  • Lowered the minimum amount of Tips needed to withdraw to 500 (£50)

5th September 2022

  • Fixed an issue where you could not buy Tips to release yourself from the dungeon
  • Fixed an issue where the word filter would incorrectly flag certain words

1st August 2022

  • You can now only send friend requests to a user if they are verified and you have sent them a message which they have read

25th July 2022

  • A limit of 3 active reimbursements per user has been added

18th July 2022

  • Users in large countries will now be prompted to also enter a region, a users region and city will now also be displayed on their profile if provided

10th June 2022

  • Launched V1 of the reimbursements section

8th June 2022

  • Fixed a bug where notifications were not being sent if a premium subscription was about to expire

7th June 2022

  • Fixed a bug where if you were a top Tip purchaser or drainer for more than one day in a row you would not be added to the featured members

1st June 2022

  • Subs can now set targets for other subs
  • Subs can now set pillory games for other subs
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