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Before you do though we may be able to help you out with some FAQ's.

  • help How do I delete my profile?

    Go to your dashboard, you will then see the option to delete your profile under the 'Your account' section.

  • help I have not received my Tips payout or E-Mail yet

    You can find out when your Tips are due to be paid out by visiting this page.

    UK payments / International payments - You will receive an E-Mail on the payout date from Wise asking for you to enter your bank details, the payment will then be made (if you have already set a default bank account to be paid to within your Wise account then the payment will be made automatically with no E-Mail sent first). Please only contact us if you have not received your E-Mail or payment by the following day.

    Amazon gift cards - Usually received by 5PM UTC on the payout date.

  • help My card keeps being declined by Verotel

    To find out why your card is being declined you can e-mail Verotel at or by visiting

    We do not control if cards are accepted or declined, if your card is not being accepted and Verotel cannot help then please use our bank payment option.

  • help I paid for something via bank payment but it's not been processed

    Most payments arrive and are processed by us within minutes, however depending on your bank it can sometimes take up to 24 hours.

    If you made a payment over 24 hours ago and your purchase has still not been processed then please click here to complete a form which will help us locate your payment.

If we have still not answered your question then use the form below and we will reply within 2 working days.

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