How to make Money for your Dom. from Knoxx's blog

Serving is a sacrifice, you work and we play. That is the deal right? Right. 

If you want to play with the big boys, you better find a way to scrounge up some extra cash or else your broke ass is getting threw in the trash. This is how you should be spending your free time( Hopefully you can afford to PAY attention.) 

Get on Craigslist- Find some miscellaneous jobs. Help a blind person cross the road or suck off some guys in the parking lot of Tesco. 

Online surveys- Super tedious. Pays pennies per hour. A good punishment. You can cash out in Amazon giftcards to spend on your Dom/Masters wishlist. 

*********- Men home alone> gay> Put up some sexy pictures, wait for the phone to ring and say in your most seductive voice: "I will do ANYTHING, Mister!" 

Sell your organs- Your Kidneys are worth around £7000. This is on the black market of course. You only need one to live...

Recycle- Collect cans and bottles and practice being homeless, it is best to start doing it now. 

Become a Billboard- Get a branded tattoo on your body. It worked for some single mother in Utah. She tattooed an online casinos URL on her forehead and got paid $10000. 

Become a test subject for clinical trials- It is better to experiment on YOU than it is on innocent animals. Search online or craigslist. 

Sell your *****-  It is used to treat diseases like haemophilia and autoimmune diseases. You can get up anywhere to £100. It is a tiered system, so you will make more the second time. Luckily you are probably a virgin and will not be disqualified for STD's. 

Sell your prize possessions- Ebay, yard sale, gumtree. Sell your stuff, you don't need stuff when your Dom wants stuff. 

Make a Meth lab- I don't care.

Bonus- If you are an University student with a .edu address, you automatically get a FREE Amazon prime subscription. No more bitching about being a broke student, here is your break, right here.  


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