1* is generous from servus's blog

I would like to share with A/all of Y/you my review of one of the most famous hotels in OF: the Dungeon

The pros:
- a very quiet place
- friendly (well i hope) animals running around
- all inclusive package: meals are included, drinks as well, even though another selection would have been prefered over my water bucket.
- extremely cheap as it was free, though, strangely, one needs to pay if they want to leave the room earlier than planned.

The cons:
- lack of light: the small barred window is letting more rain than light come in.
- moisture, well i guess it is related to the previous point
- the friendly animals are eating my meal
- bed quality needs upgrade: the straw stunk
- need to find another chef though the friendly animals don't seem to mind for some reason
- room service is very poor: the staff should privilege dialog instead of using that whip
- the iron collar chafes and the chain to the wall makes noise during night
- wifi not working (could not connect to OF)

MoA i am very sorry, but i cannot give this place more than 1 * out of 5. i hope to read soon of Your plans to address these points, then i might reconsider this judgement. Hopefully another visit should not be necessary.


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