wishlist Wednesday a day and way to please & serve Sirs from enslaved's blog

Monday is tribute day. Wednesday is wishlist Wednesday and Fiday is fagtax. Unfamiliar with wishlist Wednesday? A bit of explanations for Sirs and  lucky slaves (I am one of those!).

Today is again wishlist Wednesday. As every Wednesday,  again a hot day to serve Sirs and  buy something from their wishlist. Another nice, hot way to serve & tribute Sirs.  Wishlist on Sir'  A few advices for your list Sir to get more deserverd gifts. When choosing items tick the box free shipping by Amazon (no shipping costs= more gifts for Sirs)..

Beware: Marketplace items can not be sent to gift registery addresses! Shipped by Amazon 

allows slaves to add a thank you word & giftwrapping. It also gives info is there is a problem with the item or delivery.

I will also also suggest Sirs to add many items up to £10 £20 & more yet for any prices from low to more. Many slaves that do not serve you may want to buy  a little extra for you & it gives every slave the chance & oportunity  to buy a gift for Sirs. Many of us are living on small budget .

Last but not least, please keep your list updated removing the items you don't want no more & those no more available.
Sir can also post his list & a word  on the site' wishlist group: https://www.ownedfags.com/groups/299     Masters please; write a few words when adding your list on the group:-)

Post & idea directed by my passion of serving Alpha men. My findom Twitter: https://twitter.com/enslaved2serve

I hope Sirs   will soon get the gifts they want & deserve.

Another way I love to serve & please Alphas is completing targets. More info on my profile & previous blogs.

I wish everyone a great wishlist Wednesday

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