Faggot - The mind and the purpose from Mastertomserhant's blog

A true faggot knows what it is.  It is natural to allow Alpha Men to take advantage.  Faggots are there to serve.  Knowing when to offer up everything is the true path to freedom.  

Do not get worried about what tomorrow will bring - faggots need to understand that their purpose is service, not to worry about the day of tomorrow.  APLHAS will decide.

One major thing is helping a faggot with its budget.  Knowing what it needs and when it needs it, is truly something it can give control to its DOM and ALPHA.

Handing over the key to your locked cock is one thing.  Allowing to be filmed whilst fucking yourself another, but true ownership is that of total power exchange.  TOTAL OBEDIENCE

Well - it is time to decide - Is your purpose to just go through life like a closet faggot or truly embracing your natural self.  FAGGOT - yes - that is what you are.

So you can start by making a proper pledge to support this ALPHA truly knowing that it will find freedom in giving up all the power it might think it has. 

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