Is This More Than a Baby Step? from 3inchfag's blog

So for the last month, i’ve been making small reductions in my daily expenditures in order to free up some money for my Superiors. As i wrote earlier, the little stuff does add up! And i feel the wee sting of a skipped coffee, or a meal with no meat, in ways that, because i am a faggot, i find exciting.

But i felt a bit like an old lady clipping coupons. (Without the cats - one does draw a line.)

And i wondered, what could be a bigger move. Something that could allow me to look at myself in the mirror and say, “you are not just a dilettante, you are a true submissive that is, step by step, attempting to walk the walk”. 

And then i saw it: the cable/internet bill. This is probably different in other countries, but in the US, i have been paying a company a large combined fee for my phone, cell phone, internet, and TV, and it is a huge monthly bill. On top of this, i also subscribe to a few streaming services, like Netflix, which are what i’m actually watching when i take some down time. i did a little research, and realized that canceling the TV portion of my service and my landline phone would result in a monthly savings of $165 - far more than canceling the streaming services. 

So i did it! I can’t watch regular TV anymore, but now i will have a pretty nice savings going forward to spend on Men who are better than me.

i literally did a little dance when i figured this out! The customer service rep didn't want to explain it to me, but i persisted. He was even angrier when i pulled the trigger, but this was important.


As a side note: i appreciate that my blogs probably read very narcissistic and virtue-signaling, and i apologize. But i am sincerely happy that i figured out how to free up some more money for Superiors, money that i was 100% wasting. 

I wonder where else i can find similar dividends??

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