Dutch Fags - Meet ups and Serving dutch master

This group is made for masters and slaves from the Netherlands / Holland. They can meet-up through this and find a right master to serve through this way.

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Skinhead Bootboys

Oi oi! a group for Skinhead doms to connect with subs, slaves, pups, gimps, faggots, scumbags, pigs and perverts new and old.For those who desire to be transformed into a Skinhead if they meet the grade. Skinhead admirers and worshipers, boot-lickers dirty perverted bastards especially welcome. We'l...

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Slaves for Muslim men

Slaves for Muslim men

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Dom tops looking for hairy muscle sub bottoms

Hey subs, looking for hairy muscle sub bottoms with big hairy asses

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UK Spanking, Caning, Discipline and Punishment Group

This is a group dedicated to UK based subs and masters that are interested in: spanking, caning, belting, otk, bastinado and whipping to name a few under the umbrella of BDSM/Discipline/Punishment.  The hope for this group is to arrange meet ups for such interests with pathetic subs willing to...

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Mediterranean stallions

A place for Spanish alphas, Greek Gods and Italian stallions... and sub fags willing to surrender to their natural superiority.

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Hairy Masters

A group for hairy masters where worthless fags can find a hairy manly master.

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Post your wishlist links here for slaves to browse and fulfill

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For anyone that loves men in tights, shorts, speedo, lycra, spandex

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Uk Dom and subs - all ages

This is a group for uk Dom and subs to communicate and find eachother and subs to tip their desired Dom 

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Berlin Masters and slaves

This is a group for Masters and slaves living in Berlin (or visiting). Plan meet ups, find matches and share experiences. Managed by european_master.

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Precum ?

A group for leakers & lovers of it

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Big burly alphas

Group for burly alphas and the pigs,cash fags, and feet lickers who love em. Be active and respectful 

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Dirty fags and their masters

This group is for fags into filthy dirty stuff. Taboo, grunge, dirt, etc. Piggies, filthy boys, etc, find your masters or slaves here.

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There are fags who dont always behave, who don't know their place, or who need training. This group is for Dom's who know how to get what they want, and fags who don't know how to say "yes Sir". Whether it's tying up a fag to make to serve, or making them watch helplessly and unable to resist as you...

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Diaper fags and masters

This group is for those who like to be kept in diapers, or who like to keep a fag in diapers. Diapers are a good method of control, since they can keep a fag serving for a long time without toilet breaks, it keeps them in their filth and puts them in their place. It also doubles as a form of chastit...

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West-Central Europe Group

I couldn't find any similar group, so I decided to make a new one. Your role doesn't matter here, but this group is only for people living in or frequently visiting West-Central Europe. More text may come yet :)

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Domestic service for straight alpha males

I am always looking to work as a domestic for alpha males and hope this group will be a place where they can come and book me and others for work.

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Masters and slaves in the east Midlands

Any masters and slaves from the east midlands area looking for real time meets 

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Washington findoms and paypigs

Come one come all let's meet up and see where things go. 

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