Master/Slave Rubber Gear Lovers

Group for Masters and slaves that enjoy rubber gear and clothing

3 users
Fat masters and the subs who worship them

The place for heavy masters who deserve every inch worshipped

6 users
smoke domination

a place where u can smoke for superior master and tribute him whit many tips. master need money to buy cigarette to have more fun ! only for fag devote smokers or wanna be one. fag who like smoke domination for superior alpha smoker!!!

8 users
How not to send a first message!

Post the most inappropriate initial messages you have received from someone who has looked at your profile and ignored everything in it. Please do not name names. Screenshots ONLY if names are blurred. Please keep it anonymous. Have fun!!  😊

18 users
Chastity Device Questions & Answers

Questions and answers about chastity devices.Problems with fitting? Cleaning? Size?Any problems about chastity devices, post here or offer advice.

12 users
Suits and Tied Up

A group dedicated for the suited up doms and their drooling slaves following along on their knees. No pics without ties boys, be classy 😏

6 users
Tribute Control & Sustainability

A group for owned (and unowned) fags who's tributing is controlled by their Master.

17 users
Black God Domination

A place where Black Gods can reign and be appreciated and respected by their worshippers.  

35 users
kinky bitches for humiliation... by young

a kinky devote bitch with no limits ... humiliation at its peak .. treat you like a young master.. do what he says . as be say .. dont ask the master..BE A PIG , Dont be a DICK

18 users
Skinhead Bootboys

Oi oi! a group for Skinhead doms to connect with subs, slaves, pups, gimps, faggots, scumbags, pigs and perverts new and old.For those who desire to be transformed into a Skinhead if they meet the grade. Skinhead admirers and worshipers, boot-lickers dirty perverted bastards especially welcome. We'l...

22 users
Slaves for Muslim men

Slaves for Muslim men

26 users
Dom tops looking for hairy muscle sub bottoms

Hey subs, looking for hairy muscle sub bottoms with big hairy asses

9 users
UK Spanking, Caning, Discipline and Punishment Group

This is a group dedicated to UK based subs and masters that are interested in: spanking, caning, belting, otk, bastinado and whipping to name a few under the umbrella of BDSM/Discipline/Punishment.  The hope for this group is to arrange meet ups for such interests with pathetic subs willing to...

15 users
Mediterranean stallions

A place for Spanish alphas, Greek Gods and Italian stallions... and sub fags willing to surrender to their natural superiority.

32 users
Hairy Masters

A group for hairy masters where worthless fags can find a hairy manly master.

41 users

Post your wishlist links here for slaves to browse and fulfill

75 users

For anyone that loves men in tights, shorts, speedo, lycra, spandex

20 users
Uk Dom and subs - all ages

This is a group for uk Dom and subs to communicate and find eachother and subs to tip their desired Dom 

93 users
Berlin Masters and slaves

This is a group for Masters and slaves living in Berlin (or visiting). Plan meet ups, find matches and share experiences. Managed by european_master.

17 users
Precum ?

A group for leakers & lovers of it

26 users


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