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Background Info

Owned Fags like most other sites is bound by certain laws and regulations. Some of these are laws from our own country, international laws and even regulations from partners that we need to function - such as those set by VISA and Domcard.

It has been no secret that payment processors such as VISA and Domcard have become incredibly hostile to adult sites over the years. Be this charging us incredibly high processing fees or dictating what kind of language is used on the site etc.

Some adult sites have now even decided that card payments are not worth the hassle and have removed that option in order to have more freedom - the biggest of these being Pornhub, where you can now only purchase from the site using direct deposit from your bank or via crypto.

Similarly this is also the reason that Only Fans decided to remove adult content from their site (but later back tracked - for now).

What's changing?

From October 2021 any adult sites that allow the uploading of adult content must verify the age and identity of the user who owns that account. Currently we have been doing this with requiring users to pay a one off fee. Dom's have also had to verify their identity to receive pay outs. However age and identity verification will now need to be rolled out to all users who upload custom content. This will need to be verified with an official government issued document such as a driving licence or passport.

How does this affect you?

We will be rolling out a new identification feature by the end of October 2021. Users will need to upload their identification and have it checked before they will be allowed to upload new content. Anyone who has not uploaded their identification by this date will have their content hidden until they do this.

To be clear - users can still join and use the site, however, you will NOT be able to upload pictures/videos/blogs etc until you have completed the identification steps.

All identification data will be encrypted and stored in cold storage (this is storage not accessible via the Internet) and will be deleted when you remove your profile in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

The future

We know this is not ideal, but unfortunately it is something that we need to do if we want to continue to process card payments. We do have other ways of payment processing such as bank deposit and we will be introducing crypto payments as well, however as the majority of our users still make payments with card we need to follow these regulations until the balance tilts in other directions.

More information on the new system and what will be required will be released over the coming weeks.

In short, nothing much is really changing, we just need to verify your age using official government documents however we understand some users may be nervous doing this. We would like to reassure you that your data is safe, will only be used for verifying your identity and that it will be removed should you leave the site. Also please know that we are committed to moving away from card payments as it is becoming very clear that pretty soon we may have no choice but to.

You can check out this link directly from Domcard for a short synopsis of the changes.

Thank you,
MoA and Owned Fags

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