• enslaved
    enslaved started a new poll
    sending a 1 tip message is
    (19 votes 30%)
    (4 votes 6%)
    a nice way to tell a short message
    (26 votes 41%)
    completly useless
    (14 votes 22%)
    This poll has ended, total votes - 63
    May 3 '23
    @Caht: I love your 5th option👍
    May 4 '23
    Think every tip is welcome and always nice to see the notifications when I get online.
    Dec 17 '23
    1 tip, 10 tips, 100 tips, 1000 tips, they all mean something. But why should everything always be monetary? Why can't we also connect on humour, bonding, getting to know you etc?
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