Statement regarding information disclosure

The issue

Today (22nd March 2021) at around 1700 UTC we were made aware of an issue in which some users were receiving emails from the site with other users email addresses CC'd into the email.

How does this affect me?

We are unsure of how many users were emailed with other users email addresses attached, however as soon as we were made aware of the issue all emails were stopped and prevented from being sent.

ONLY email addresses and usernames were released, but they were not linked so they could not be matched up, no other information was sent and accounts are safe and secure.

The cause

The cause has been traced back to a couple of situations which worked together to allow the error to occur. These were an incomplete system update which caused some old code to run along side newer code and also our developer environment not being properly closed down.

These problems have been corrected and the issue has been resolved.

Our commitment

In the almost 8 years that Owned Fags has been active we have never had an issue like this before and never had a data breech, this is something that we pride ourselves in and we are sorry that this has happened.

Rest assured that your information is safe and secure and we follow all necessary security and data protection regulations from all needed jurisdictions. We contract security teams to actively monitor our servers and actively test and strengthen our security, sadly, on this occasion the problem came from within due to an oversight.

We humbly apologise for this error and any distress it may cause however rest assured your account is safe.

Should you have any further questions or any technical issues then please use the Contact Us page found in the footer of the site.

Thank you,
Owned Fags

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