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Cash Slavery, Cam Use, Physical Use, Humiliation, Ownership, Teamviewer, Chat, Friendship, Whatever
Cash Slavery, Humiliation, Feet, Piss, Scat, Leather, Boots, Bondage, Suits, Smoking, CBT, Edging
About Me
Hey Fags, I'm Jake. My wife and I are Cam Models, I've been dominating women my whole life and just got into dominating faggots about 6 months ago. It all started when my wife confessed to me that she wanted to watch me dominate another guy and make him blow me. I was hesitant at first but being the alpha that I am I realized what better way to show how comfortable I am with my sexuality and assert dominance in my own marriage. I have yet to meet a fag that can get me off let alone get or keep me hard, but you're welcome to try. My wife gets a kick out of it and I like the money!
What I want
I want to humiliate, degrade, use, torture, and all around abuse queers and take your money for my services. I'm not all bad though, I do believe in giving people what they pay for so if you need some aftercare I got you. I enjoy getting on cam for you fags and showing off my hot body and huge cock while helping you indulge your fetishes, whatever those are. I'm into pretty much everything so don't be shy.

If you want me on cam just shoot me a message and tell me what you want to see and for how long then I'll tell you how much it will cost. If you join my stable then you will get regular shows and chats. I'm not into endlessly chatting with you for nothing though so if we're talking and I just stop responding, try sending me a tip or joining my stable.

Aside from Cam I offer custom pictures, sexting, custom videos, phone calls, ownership, tasks, games, instruction, and a whole host of other services. I'm totally down to do real-time meets and am even looking for a couple live in slaves.

If you want to know something just ask.
What experience do you have?
I have tons of experience! As I said above I've been an Alpha my entire life and learned early on that I was a Dom. I have taken that role in all of my past relationships and will continue to do so until the day I die. I'm a cam model on Porn Hub Live, my user name is BlondeJake, feel welcome to come check me out. I do this for a living so I'm available pretty much 24/7. All in all since I started Dominating faggots 6 months ago I've been given about $65,000. I have literally hundreds of slaves from all around the world and I know each one on a very personal level. I want to get to know you too. I LOVE hearing about your fetishes and listening to your depraved stories and fantasies.

6' 2.8" / 190cm
225lb / 102.3kg
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12 UK / 47  EU /  13 US
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Poppers And Straight, Married, Huge Cock Inside

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