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Cash Slavery, Cam Use, Physical Use, Humiliation, Ownership, Teamviewer, Chat, Whatever
Cash Slavery, Humiliation, Feet, Piss, Muscles, Leather, PVC, Boots, Bondage, Suits, Uniforms, Bikers, Smoking, Fisting, Sounding, CBT, Edging
About Me
I've been enjoying fruits of labour, offered up by submissive males since I was teen buck.
That first time I pulled out my buckcock at a wall urinal and saw the strong muscled married fella next to me, glance over and stare, his eyes locked on mine...then moving his gaze I pissed...and then began to stroke it, slow like , and seeing him, licking his lips subconsciously, the desire to service me all over his face, I suddenly understood.
Something in me knew what to do. I also knew in that moment, that IF I did it, he would follow me. That he would serve me.
I did and he did.

In that stall, while he sank to his knees and worshipped my cock - it was like a veil was parted for me and I saw for the first time, how it is for some of us - there was this whole world of those who serve and those who are served.

A landscape of men thriving within a natural order of things.

In this landscape, within this natural order of things - Each has a place and a place for all - there are those who serve and those who are served!
This is the essence of Domination and submission.

That married man, 30 years my senior, went on to be my first fulltime submissive - over the weeks, months and years ahead, he offered me his body, his finances, his skills, his connections, smarts and resources in order to amplify my experiences; my pleasures; my desires, fantasies and wants - he introduced me to others like him and supported me in every way a truly devoted submissive does for his Master.
I had begun my journey of Dominance- sexual, financial, emotional, spiritual and mental - to understanding the similarities and differences that exist within each male submissive. Knowing that, is the key to unlocking ALL the things I desired.

This is the realm of Men and fags; Domination and submission; service, use, abuse and adoration.

Yes, there is an energy that aligns with the physicality of the natural born Master/ Dom/ Alpha.
Yet, a Dom is not just a guy with a strong physical body.
Nor is it simply about cock size [ but that sure does help...]
It isn't about age, or status or any of that bullshit - otherwise, my smaller teen buck frame would not have been able to get that older, well-built, resourced married fella to follow me like an eager puppy into the stall.
Domination and submission is energy exchange.

It is a power play...a series of energy interactions. Like a surfer riding a wave......both getting to where it is they want to be.
At times it can mind fucking; almost spiritual or emotional ...a pure fuck'n tribal feel of connection in way that defies explanation, yet it is deeply felt and real.
It is felt in our guts, echoed in our brains and engaged in our bodies and ever present between our legs.

In the landscape of Domination/submission that I enjoy and work within....each role or place is worthy. It is needed for the entire system to flourish.
There is no equity in the system - those of us, who are to be served exist higher in the hierarchy to be sure - yet that does not mean that a sub or fag is worthless.
I value my property; I value my experiences, therefore why would I desire to be pleasured or served by something or someone that is worthless.

I am attracted to all genders [ thus the pansexual ' sexuality' tab ] for sexual play and or romance; yet only drawn to males for submission. There is something so i**********g about another male, willingly submitting and offering up to me, his service and tributes.
For those who care, I am married, pagan, polyamorist and proud Papa - a legit bullcock breeder with sons and daughters - I keep certain elements of my Domination distinct from my professional and personal life.
I can understand and work well with submissive males who wish to do the same. I can also work well with those who seek exposure, control and more intensive integrated experiences of use.
What I want
My grandfather taught me that all labour is honourable. I love to see a submissive offer up his first fruits as tribute, regardless of what they are. While I accept that not all can offer tips, gifts or cash at the same level, I also understand that in our culture, we value that which we pay for.
Talk to me and let me know what it is you can offer up, when and how.
Unless you are my charity of choice, I won't do shit for free.

I want connections with fellow Dom/Masters to support and help each other be the best versions of ourselves that we can be. Feel free to friend me or to chat...
As for submissives, I want those who know what they are looking and are able to articulate that. I do not waste time with endless therapy sessions on figuring out, what it is 'you need' - that is your fuckn job. Do it and tell me, so I can let you know if we are a 'fit'
Just do it respectfully.

Sometimes I want a quick fucking rush of a one-off.... to drain a sweet sexy fag as he poppers up n pours out his tips in adoration!
Yet mostly, I am looking for subs, that are willing to go the distance, build a rapport of sorts and generate outcomes that have us both feeling our full selves. And have them popper themselves up and pour out those tips! [ ;-)

I want to build a stable full of submissives worthy of being in my proximity and of my use. Of submissives who are the best damn fags / slaves/ subs/ cash / ATM's etc. they can be!
I love sustainable giving and am interested in learning more about building sustainable communities of submissive support for myself and other Masters out there.

I get a rush, when I am able to elevate the effort of a submissive with the seal of my approval and acceptance of his task, his gifts, his tips, his meal or errands he did for me...….or whatever it is, he has generated for me, in a the spirit of service.

All of this is online naturally until we can safely explore travel again.

I have travelled to use and be served and am open to that with the right submissive/s again. That must be negotiated in detail beforehand.
I am open to wide spectrum of male subs - ages, ethnicities, body types, smooth or hairy - I have had submissives from chubs to skinny lads to muscle heads and regular joe dad bods. Feel free to reach out to me in the spirit of respect and I will do that same for your efforts.

Boundaries are to be discussed and respected. Safety is essential. Consent is sexy as fuck. I won't push or break you, unless you ask for it.
What experience do you have?
I have enjoyed the service of hundreds of submissives over 4 decades of use; in 4 continents and over a dozen countries. In real time, online and combinations of those.
I have had all genders serve me, yet I resonate more deeply to male submissives
* note - for me, a male is defined by his energy and his identity what is in between his ears and not between his legs.
An avid student of human sexuality, I am endlessly fascinated by who, what and how, we are turned on. I won't yuck on someone's yum.........yet if it is not my yum, I will let you know.

6' 1.2" / 186cm
220lb / 100kg
Foot size
9 UK / 44 EU / 10  US
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    BroncoBreederDad commented on cynic's status
    Despite definitely being old enough to know better and knowing exactly how the conversation will go because you've been down that road before, sometimes you just feel unable to summon any resistance, and find yourself completely drained of tips!
    "Tip me, fag" and you tip. "Tip me another £15 so that I send you some hot pics" and you do. "I need another £9 to withdraw the tips".
    You oblige, and you do get some pics, nice but more or less the same ones already on here.
    "Send another £25 for some nude pictures", and you do because after all you've already 'invested' some money.
    Then the "what do you have left in tips? Send everything!" comes at the same time that you're unwisely sniffing some poppers... and the rest is history: no tips left, and no dick pictures either since apparently nude means being tastefully covered by a towel.
    Dick pics would mean even more tributes and by this time, luckily, you decide that it may just better to cut your losses and go to bed!
    Despite definitely being old enough to know better and knowing exactly how the conversation will go because you've been down that road before, sometimes you just feel unable to summon any resistance, and find yourself completely drained of tips!
    "Tip me, fag" and you tip. "Tip me another £15 ...See more
    Mar 15
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    Mar 10
    This approach fascinates me, seems far closer to transactional sex work than any kind of real power exchange. To each their own, I suppose. Certainly see why you feel slighted, cynic.
    Mar 10
    I’m with DTA here. There’s a difference between sex work and power exchange, IMO. Sometimes it’s a finer line than people realise, perhaps.
    Mar 15
    Yeah fine line for sure....and at the end of the day, I have a bit of an odd taste around this - for all involved, yet each has his own path yea, and who am I to judge another.
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  • BroncoBreederDad
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    Please say hello and give them a big welcome!
    Mar 5
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