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About Me
I have always been a pleaser for as long as I can remember. As an adult, that naturally transpired to me being submissive sexually. I don't feel fulfilled unless I am pleasing. It has become almost second nature in all areas of my life. The pleasing extends much farther than in sexual domination, it occurs in a lot of my personal interactions. In the last couple of years, I feel I've been called to serve an Alpha. Serving an Alpha, in all ways seems to be a natural transition on this journey.
What I want
Looking for an ALPHA who is willing to put in the effort to understand my higher purpose, and train me to serve. I do really well with positive reinforcement , very task oriented and goal focused. Loyal and I absolutely hate to disappoint anyone.
An Alpha who understands that while he is superior, top of the food chain, and deserves to be served, that I do have a fulfilling life, with friends, successful career, etc. I do not do well with Alphas who immediately demand money, and start degrading in the first message they send me. If an Alpha gives off the vibe they are only in it for the money and not authentic, then it is not a fit for me, no matter how hot or dominate you are. I am looking for true superior energy. That energy sometimes comes from Alphas, who do not have the perfect muscular body.

One of the few experiences I had serving an alpha, was with a college kid for approximately a year. He had a kind of alpha energy, that he never once had to ask me to provide anything financial, I freely gave him money for an entire year, because he just had natural Dom energy without having to put it on display.

I am looking for an eventual Alpha to serve exclusively, both on-line and in-person. The superior does not have to be local to me, but eventually I would like to serve in-person, a few times a year. It is important that I can serve in all ways and not just financial, although financial is a piece of that equation.

I have a huge sneaker/trainer, jockstrap, pit and spit fetish. Into popper intox as well.
What experience do you have?
I am new to serving an ALPHA. I'm a novice to s********n in some ways, but that does not equate to being a flake or not knowing what I want. I'm a very loyal and given the chance to be properly trained with a suitable Alpha, I could be a useful and dedicated boy.

6' 0.4" / 184cm
200lb / 90.9kg
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9.5 UK /  44 EU /  10.5 US
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