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43 years old, sub, Bisexual
United States United States, California, Oakland
Joined Jul 7

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Type of meets
Real-Time, On-Line
Here for
Findom, Physical Use, Humiliation, Chat, Friendship, Whatever
Findom, Humiliation, Piss, CBT
About Me
Lifelong beta and cuck, I've spent years training myself to worship Alphas and to accept my role of service. I'm respected in my public life, but that's only because people don't know what I truly am inside.
What I want
I would love to find a local Master and through regular obedience and service earn the honor of a cashmeet where He can humiliate and exploit me for His amusement.
What experience do you have?
I have a few years of experience in findom. Mostly, but not exclusively, serving mistresses. In the past I've had trouble finding someone who makes me feel as inferior as I know that I truly am. So I'm hoping an Alpha will come along to bring out my faggot side and put me in my place.

6' 1.2" / 186cm
> 275lb / 125kg
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