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26 years old, sub, Gay
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Findom, Physical Use, Humiliation, Ownership, Chat
About Me
I'm a 26 year old inferior born to serve real men (a.k.a my superiors). Have been in the findom scene and served various masters for close to a decade.

I am extremely selective about who I serve, so please do not request service if you do not meet the requirements.

I am looking for long term ownership and/or the occasional service, both online and in real life preferably, but can do online only if need be. I am looking for a sadistic, superior alpha to serve. I'm not interested in nice alphas, as a sub I don't want to be loved and appreciated. I want to be used, abused, spoken to like shit, dominated, humiliated and treated like the dirt on your shoe. Basicslly just treat me however you want. I want an alpha who understands how the hierarchy works - losers like me were put on this Earth to serve, sacrifice, be used and owned for their owners (superior men) benefit. I need the control only such an alpha can give. I have attached my findom twitter name on my profile, where I am extremely active and will tell you some stuff about what I'm looking for in the findom scene. I prefer to serve on twitter, but can serve on ownedfags if twitter isn't suited to my owner's desires.

I have a preference for straight masters, but will serve LGBT+ masters if they have the attidude I'm looking for and can interest me.

If you think you are suited to being my owner then please message me, as a sub I am respectful, but as an alpha I do not expect you to show me the same respect.

I am a human wallet. For the right master, me and my paycheque will belong to you, I need an alpha to take ownership of both.

***I'm not interested in anyonmous servitude, if I don't know what you look like (I.e have a face pick) I'm not interested***.

5' 8.5" / 174cm
180lb / 81.8kg
Foot size
8 UK / 43 EU /  9 US
Eye colour
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