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37 years old, Dom, Gay
United States United States, California, San Diego
Joined Dec 8 '22

🏷 chastity findom ownership alpha dom underwear cashgod alphamale edging cbt degredation denial cashking syphonage ruinedorgasms

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Type of meets
Real-Time, On-Line
Here for
Findom, Cam Use, Physical Use, Humiliation, Ownership
Findom, Humiliation, Bondage, Suits, Uniforms, Sounding, CBT, Edging
About Me
You'd probably never assume me to be one into dominating a sub via mind, body, and cash... but here I am, loving every minute of it. I love a sexy boy in his underwear and who needs to show off in them.
What I want
Any/all subs who know how to please me. Who understand that their wallets are directly linked to their cocks AND my happiness.
What experience do you have?
Let's just say that one of my favorite things to do is edge my sub mercilessly for hours, may "accidentally" allow a couple ruined orgasms, lock him up for a predetermined time, of course there are plenty of ways to reduce or increase that time based on merits and demerits, upon the day of his unlocking we spend the entire day together so he knows how much I care and we adventure to places like the mall or touristy locations... But his uniform is simple, no underwear and very thin gym shorts. This way even the slightest breeze will make him hard. Finding places along the way to give him a nice tug or edge sesh, then back to the streets. If he isn't consumed by hormonal fire then I will not be satisfied. His humiliation is my passion, his wallet is my love, his obedience is absolute.

I LOVE taking my time shaving holes... I have to admit that sometimes I get carried away and end up shaving his legs if he's been naughty and needs to be treated a lesson or two. Nothing like a freshly shaved boy being asked why he's so smooth by strangers...

Photo and Video verification play... Sometimes I adore updates throughout the day. Usually every hour. I need to see his undies from the bathroom... or his cock... or his hard cock... Any time he isn't visible to anyone he sends a video of the duration. That is, IF he unlocked...

6' 3.5" / 192cm
205lb / 93.2kg
Foot size
10 UK / 45 EU /  11 US
Eye colour

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