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28 years old, Dom, Straight
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Findom, Cam Use, Humiliation, Ownership, Chat, Friendship, Whatever
Findom, Humiliation, Feet, Muscles, Leather, Boots, Bondage, Suits, Fisting, Dungeon Play, Edging
About Me
I have been a dom for quite sometime now, and i have learned alot of people think that being a dom is about pain, humimation and suffering! Those people are wrong. Being a dom is about finding out what makes their sub tick and learning the ins and outs of that individual,

making them the best submissive they can be! Knowing boundries and pushing that submissive to their phyical and mental edge, without totally breaking them!
Although saying that, a disobedient sub will feel my rath! That's when pain and suffering will commence, until that submissive learns to be better! If it comes to that!
I will discipline you and You will learn to obey

Earning my affection is hard but manage it and you'll reap the rewards.
What I want
Well as a dom, I take what when I want from my subs, but the things I can't physically take from my subs, I need them to give them to me out of choice! Either that or I breed them into you! And I have listed some of these qualities below!

- honesty
-good sense of humour is a bonus
-Proactive: wanting to always do better and learn what I want!
What experience do you have?
2 years+ of online financial domination:
- Session drains
- Cam drains and kink sessions
- Humiliation
- ownership
- Consensual coercion
- Sissification, feminization
- Cuckolding
- Body worship
- key holder

5' 10" / 178cm
200lb / 90.9kg
Foot size
8.5 UK / 43 EU /  9.5 US
Eye colour

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