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🏷 master fetish pig fat

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Cash Slavery, Physical Use, Humiliation, Ownership, Chat, Whatever
Cash Slavery, Humiliation, Piss, Scat, Muscles, Leather, Skinhead, Bondage, Suits, Uniforms, Fisting
About Me
Extremely kinky fat dom pig gainer looking for my personal toy. I can be exceptionally ruthless and sadistic or very kind and loving. It all depends on my mood.
FOR SLAVES ONLY: I am a true master. When I own a slave, I mean it. I. Own. You. Completely. You will no longer be a person. You don’t have feelings. You can’t whine and cry about what you don’t like. You signed up for this, now suck it up you pussified fag and take what you deserve. My rules are very simple. I am god. I will punish you if I have to but you very seriously do not want to make me do that. See, being a fat slob takes up a lot of my energy. I do not want to waste that energy beating you or locking you into a cage or starving you. It’s too much effort and, let’s be honest, you’re just not worth it at the end of the day.
I'm not an easy master at times. In fact, I'm downright cruel and sadistic. Do I care? Do I seem as though I give a fuck? You exist to please me. You were born to entertain me. Your entire purpose in your pathetic shell of a life is to make me comfortable. I am second to NO ONE. Have a boyfriend or partner? Good for you. He now needs my permission to even lay a hand on you. See, when you become my slave, you are dehumanized. Property. Furniture. A breathing toilet. A fuck hole for me to use or a big cock for me to pleasure myself with as I see fit. Whatever I decide to make you at any given time. This is who your fat master is. Are you in or out?

FOR SUBS ONLY: I am drastically more lenient. While I still see you as less than human, you still have your own identity and purpose outside of pleasing me. Do not fantasize that you will ever have an equal relationship with me. We are not equals. While not a pitiful piece of shit like a slave, you're merely a step above it. Kind of like a pet. Except I value my pet much more. I respect your limits, but you will also observe the respect I command simply because I am above your station.

I DO NOT do cam shows. Forget it. Not happening. You're here to impress me and convince me to own you, remember? Know your fucking place. As far as other masters go, I can be chummy. I'm actually a really nice person, at least to my equals. In fact, no one would ever guess I'm a master. I'm quite nice to people in person, at least until you've identified yourself as a slave. I'd even fuck many of you attractive masters if asked to. However, please do not make the mistake in thinking that I would ever submit to you. As a bottom master, this is often confused a lot as a source of submission. I do not submit.

I use my kik account far more often as I do not like bothering with this site on my phone. Reach me there, but only if you're serious about being owned. If I am too intense, in person or online, you have one and only one way of telling me. My safe word: Chrysanthemum. Why this word? It is both annoying and difficult to say and spell and I really hate safe words. It should be difficult but not impossible to say or spell. Be thankful I did not choose Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia.

Small edited note: I DO NOT like to tell you how much to tribute. I only demand that whatever you send me hurts you and reminds you of your place in life. It could be a token amount to amuse me, or something substantial. As long as you feel it and your wallet cries in pain with each tip, I am satisfied. When I list a solid price, it is probably a punishment. Keep me smiling and we will get along fine...
What I want
Complete and total ownership and control. You do as your told when you’re told. The less limits you have the better. I will train you if need be. I will break you if need be. I need a ca$hfag who is serious. No flakes or jokes. I’m not here to play around. I’m not going to play games. You’re either serious or you aren’t. You will be my object if you earn that right. You must be open to extreme kinks, including taboo. I expect you to give me a very detailed list of what you WILL NOT do before anything becomes official. I want this to be real and IN PERSON at some point, so either intend on relocating to my area for regular/fulltime ownership or compen$ate me heavily for bothering to tolerate you. If you come to me, you will also provide the income AND housing. Due to private logistical constraints I cannot immediately relocate and will need to take it in steps. Nonnegotiable.

I prefer my in-person slaves to be trim or in-shape and preferably younger. I want a different slave for each function, if possible. For those fags who are hung, it will be my dedicated top slut. That particular slave will need to be in or will get in excellent shape and muscular. It will also be the one to do the heavy lifting and manual labor. A slave for toilet functions, if it's not the same fag, is also needed. For this particular role, I don't care what it looks like. For those who do not wish to serve in person, well, it has only one purpose to me. A ca$hfag. If it's not going to move to me and be of use, that's the only way a tool can be used.

YOU submit to me. If I seek you out, it is a VERY special honor and should be deemed as the ultimate gift. You should come to me, layout your purpose and intent, and I may choose to use you at my own whim. I distaste needing to seek out a ca$hfag and demanding tributes. It is tiresome and not something I enjoy. True submission is what appeals to me. If you want to win my favor, treat me as a god: give your offering and pray for my boons.

Special note regarding my wishlist: I have a taste for the nicest in life. I am quite expensive. It is not for the faint of heart or those who are restricted to limited incomes. Gifting me from my wishlist and notifying me of doing so is tantamount to the ultimate tribute. If I receive one of the more expensive gifts, I may even grant you the gift of my gratitude: an authentic thanks that I reserve only for my contemporaries and not subordinates and inferiors.
What experience do you have?
Relatively new, especially to findom, but a good slave knows it’s proper place in the world and will make me feel right at home.

5' 8.5" / 174cm
220lb / 100kg
Foot size
8 UK / 43 EU /  9 US
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