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  • Hansson
    Hansson moved up to a new position on the Pantheon
    Rank 118
    Old rank 124

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    Feb 14
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  • Subforuse
    Subforuse sent Hansson a gift!
    Dec 7 '19
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  • Hansson
    Hansson left some feedback for worm2serve
    Terrible slave. One of those who backs off when things get too serious for their minds to handle. Has stopped answering me properly and deleted every single comment he made on my photos here. He also deleted a video that I made him upload on the site earlier this week. Started off good but ended up in disappointment.
  • Hansson
    Hansson just had their RealID photo accepted

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    Dec 1 '19
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  • basicslut991
    basicslut991 sent Hansson a gift!
    Only the best !!! Thank you for accept!!!
    May 6 '17
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  • Hansson
    Hansson is now verified
    Please say hello and give them a big welcome!
    May 24 '15
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