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33 years old, Dom, Gay
United Kingdom United Kingdom, East Sussex, Brighton & Hove
Joined Jul 10 '22

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Findom, Feet, Piss, Leather, Boots, Smoking, Dungeon Play
About Me
I'm a Verified Leather Master (on BLUF); Dominant bareback top, based in England, UK.
I have an extensive background in sex work, domination, and a wide range of kinks and fetishes that I've mastered over the years. As part of my formal education and my formative time as a sex worker in my 20s, I've cultivated and nourished my passion and curiosity for interpersonal relationships and communication -- what makes you tick as a sub, how to lead a conversation and not just reply to it (tops and wannabe Masters, listen up!), and what words make you want to spend a chunk of your budget away just because a Dominant Master who lives thousands of miles away just said them to you... in the right order... at the right time... for your own good, sub.

I won't go on about what I do "outside of being a Dom/Master", because I'm not a part-time Master, this isn't an occasional gig: it is who I am, what I do, how I engage with you or how I choose not to. Me being a Black Master (specifically a Black CashMaster) is the most undeniable and natural thing about me.

Before you get too excited and think of messaging me to tell me about your sub/cashpig/sex fantasies, I suggest you read on. I'll know if you haven't.
What I want
I'm only here for serious connections, serious conversations, and serious commitment to what we both know to be true. I'm not here to hear about your fantasies, or about the last time you had sex, or about how you'd love to be f****d into a debt contract with a Dom while you're wanking yourself off in front of the screen. Save your fantasies for Tumblr and Twitter. Once you're finally ready (and I mean, seriously ready), reach out. Your life will feel a whole lot better - and you know it.
What experience do you have?
I started as a Master exactly 11 years ago, after being mentored by an excellent Alpha in Amsterdam who helped me refine my skills for domination, persuasion, and mind control (e.g., popper-h***o). It soon became clear that I wasn't playing "a role" of a Dom or Master -- I was just starting my journey to embracing my true self, my Dom self, my identity as a Black Master.

While I have several skills, fetishes, kinks, and perverse ideas to break a slave down and build them back into what they're really meant to be, my biggest strength and passion is guiding, coaching and leading cashpigs - from those who are regular cashpigs who get off just by seeing their bank balance getting lower and lower, until it reaches the rock bottom which these pigs so secretly crave... all the way down to new cashpigs who aren't quite sure if this is really for them. One final note, specifically for the latter group (the "new cashpigs"): a true Alpha never questions if they're beta; in the same vein, if you've been questioning whether you're really a cashpig, trust me, you are. You don't need to have had your entire savings drained, you don't need to have gone through several ATM meets with a local Dom, and you don't even need to have donated fat amounts to your Superiors; that thought you have is just a clear sign that you have the makings of a true cashpig, that's not something everyone has. Embrace your need to serve. Find the right Cashmaster for you (which may or may not be me - let's have this conversation first to figure it out), and finally fulfil your life's purpose - to serve those who are much higher than you on the hierarchy.

6' 0.4" / 184cm
210lb / 95.5kg
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13 UK / 48 EU /  14 US
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