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43 years old, sub, Gay
United States United States, ny
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Real-Time, On-Line
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Findom, Physical Use, Ownership, Chat, Friendship
Findom, Piss, Muscles, Bondage, Uniforms, Dungeon Play
About Me
I do not like all humans, in truth I hate most of them and prefer the company of animals. But to those I call friends or family I am fiercely devoted. I will always have your back.

I hate hypocrites, injustice, cruelty.

I live for my dogs, will do anything for them and they always come first. Above all.

There are a lot more ingredients to the mix that is me. Sometimes they change, sometimes they don't.
What I want
Been in findom for years, maybe a decade. Hard to keep track. I have only ever done online findom but want to experience it in real time eventually.

I want to be part of a community where I can express myself and be understood. I want to use findom as not only an enjoyable experience for myself but as a catalyst to make long term changes in my life.

Hope to have some hot and fun interactions in the short-term. Serve, be drained, roughed up.

In the long-term I'd like to serve just a couple of Masters. See how the Dom/sub relationship develops with an eye to be owned by someone eventually. Don't want to rush into it, want to ensure a good fit for all.

Looking for a Master who knows how to make a sub addicted to them, make them beg to serve. But also looking for someone that understands that at the end of it a sub is still human, sometimes its nice to just get asked how the days is going. Looking for a Master that molds their style to the individual sub, making it more engaging for Master and sub alike, not one size fits all.

Looking for a Master that will fit my personal goals into the dynamic when possible. Use them to assign punishments and rewards alike. Looking for a Master that if I say I have a limit for the month but then come begging to be drained will not allow me to.

In return to this Master. As a sub I promise the following:

- Will remember that Master is a human. They are not on call for service at all times.
- Will check in just to ask how you are doing. Will be an anonymous ear for you to vent if needed. You being happy is of upmost importance to me.
- Will give my devotion and loyalty.
- Will drain for you.
- Will spoil you.
- Will serve you.
- Will remain level headed.
What experience do you have?
Been doing online findom for years, maybe a decade at this point. It started of innocently. Didn't know it even had a name. All I knew was that I liked it. Slowly figured that it had a name and sank deeper and deeper into the swamp of addiction.

Highly enjoyable, I have never had any regrets about doing findom. I only regret the times I've lost control and did more then I could.

I've tried to leave findom behind, sometimes ghosting people in the process. For that I'm ashamed and want to take responsibility.

Going forward I want to continue doing findom but stick to my limits.

6' 2" / 188cm
> 275lb / 125kg
Foot size
13 UK / 48 EU /  14 US
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