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60 years old, Slave, Gay
Netherlands Netherlands
Joined Sep 26 '21

🏷 100% slave; 24/7/365 chastity; high security stainless steel chastitybelt; locked slave collar

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Physical Use, Ownership, Whatever
About Me

The Slavemaster commands - the slave obeys.

My future life should be as simple as that. After having served the last years several Tops only as a sub, a BDSM-test drove out all doubts: I AM A SLAVE.

I quote the most crucial words of the verdict: "It’s not just a BDSM cliche— some of us, like you, are actual consensual slaves. You want to give over access to your entire self: body, sex, will and more. You get off the very most by being owned, controlled, and possessed. Your deepest pleasure derives from someone else taking his deepest pleasure from subdueing you. Just so you can have a chance to exercise your own devotion to your path as a slave".

So not just a bottom anymore, but a slave - for 100% a slave. This decides all. A bottom can exchange his Tops freely for limited temporary service himself. A brand new slave has lost this freedom and ends up for sale on the slavemarket. Once procured, his body has become the exclusive property of his new Owner. In contrast to a bottom, a slave might be marked as such, obliged to wear a locked slavecollar 24/7 henceforth. From that moment on he just has to obey, as for a slave within set limits COMPLETE submission is his main duty.

Because a total slave exists to serve.

So I too am in need of a real Slaveowner to turn me into what my slavish nature has predestined me for: to serve Him at regular times for His sexual pleasure and His sexual pleasure only, which might might extend from sucking His cock to licking His boots.

Becoming a slave means that my Master decides if and when I will have to cum, as my seemen is at His disposal. This may include cumdenial, but of course f****d orgasms by a milking-machine as well. Although living apart, sexually I will be 100% His slave 24/7.

Since old times, experienced Masters agree that chastity as such is good for slaves, as it keeps them horny and thus more eager to serve. It is well-known that slaves lack the capacity for selfcontrol. When they cum, they become lazy until the NEED TO ORGASM again becomes paramount.

Like most slaves i fail to hold my cum, ejaculating twice a day. To counteract this and to insure that i don't have to concern myself with my sexual needs (and neither He will have too) all the time, a former Master once confronted me with the most feared instrument of sexual discipline. He decided i would have to learn to wear a real chastitybelt. For reasons of security the Carrara was chosen, an extremely heavy stainless-steel chastitybelt, which indeed did put an end to all masturbating and made clear to other Masters that I was His EXCLUSIVE SEXUAL PROPRIETY.

In case of need this it is still available for the new Owner of my body and balls too.

*The slave speaks Dutch, English and German*

And here's the outcome of the BDSM-Test too:

== Results from ==
100% Slave - well, that's of course on top of the list - it couldn't be otherwise: a real slave, 100% a slave
100% Submissive
100% Rope bunny
93% Voyeur
89% Degradee
81% Non-monogamist
77% Pet
76% Primal (Prey)
75% Exhibitionist
60% Masochist
54% Experimentalist
48% Brat
21% Vanilla
0% Ageplayer
0% Boy/Girl
0% Switch - I can't imagine myself in another role than that of a slave
What I want
A sturdy Master in full leather has the best chances to worm the most out of this slavebody, as He will make it submissive and stimulate the deepest feelings of slavishness inside more easily, as this fag then will long to crawl leashed at His boots to lick them. The slave comes with two fucking-holes, of which the back one STILL is rather virginal and thus in great need of careful training. He has nearly no body hair, apart from his slavecrotch, but that can be shaved.

Pushed down on my knees, collared and leashed, muzzled and belted, secured with my head and hands in the stocks, or kept in heavy ancient slavechains and caged when not in use, as His slave it will be my duty to serve my new Owner during our meetings as best as I can. This may also include attending SM-parties or festivals like Darklands Antwerp or Folsom Berlin.


6' 0.4" / 184cm
175lb / 79.5kg
Foot size
9 UK / 44 EU / 10  US
Eye colour
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