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🕝 Last online Mar 19

28 years old, Dom, Straight
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Joined Jul 15 '22

🏷 cash master feet undies

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Type of meets
Here for
Findom, Ownership, Chat, Friendship, Whatever
About Me
Real straight lad who loves being a master! Love to humiliate fags and slaves! Very much into findom!
What I want
I want money mainly from weak fags! But I don’t mind the odd chat ;) ideally I want to own a fag to drain but I don’t mind one offs!
What experience do you have?
Have another account on another site selling undies and socks and other items. I usually talk to people like crap on there and make them feel like a weak fag! They love it! Now I wanna get paid for it ;)

5' 10" / 178cm
Foot size
10 UK / 45 EU /  11 US
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  • Str8UKLad
    Such a hot day! Need a slave to serve me!
    Jul 17 '22
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  • Str8UKLad
    Str8UKLad voted on FootMasterUK's poll
    How much longer should I keep my fag locked in chastity before letting him shoot his load
    Friday 22 July 2022
    (18 votes 31%)
    Thursday 27 October 2022
    (40 votes 69%)
    This poll has ended, total votes - 58
    Jul 15 '22
    Never release it!!
    Jul 15 '22
    Cracka hopes that the slave is grateful to be allowed to empty, Sir. Cracka knows of a slave that has been locked up for over two years and doesn't ever want to be unlocked.
    Jul 15 '22
    My sub does appreciate being locked up but he knows that it will be me who milks him
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  • Str8UKLad
    Str8UKLad commented on them being verified
    Please say hello and give them a big welcome!
    Jul 15 '22
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    Jul 15 '22
    Jul 15 '22
    Thanks mate
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  • Str8UKLad
    Straight master here wanting a fag to humiliate, a***e and control
    Jul 15 '22
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